City guide – Sollefteå

Beautiful and scenic Scenic town with salmon fishing opportunities just a hundred meters from the town’s shopping street. The master city that has produced world-class cross-country skiers and biathletes for decades. SOLLEFTE CELEBRITIES Stefan Löfven, Martin Fröst, Jacke Sjödin, Ingrid Thulin, Kerstin Thorvall, Per Svartvadet, Billan Östlund, Frida Karlsson, Ebba Andersson, Helena Ekholm, Pelle Molin, […]

City guide – Junsele, Näsåker, Ramsele

Near the wilderness The western parts of Sollefteå municipality are wild, fascinating and multifaceted. The nature is powerful, the fishing attractive and there are both unique shops and a good range of food and drink in the area. CELEBRITIES from the area Axel Gordh Humlesjö, Eva Bender, Andreas Molinder, Nicke Sjödin. Accommodation Bourbon Corner, Köpmangatan […]

Cityguide – Nordingrå och Norabygden

Genuine High Coast Long before Höga Kusten became a world heritage site, the concept of Nordingrå was used. For many, Nordingrå is the very heart of the High Coast. And Norabygden is a neighbor to Nordingrå. NORDINGRÅ CELEBRITIES Tobias Enström, Therése Söderlind, Arne Åhman. Accommodation Måviken camping, MjällomSmall, fresh and quiet campsite a stone’s throw […]

City guide – Docksta, Ullånger, Nätradalen

The sea as a neighbor The areas just south and north of Skuleskogen. Close to the sea and attractive, excellent to explore on foot, by bike or by car. CELEBRITIES from the area Wilhelm Peterson-Berger, Magdalena Forsberg. Accommodation Kustladans camping, SkovedA classic campsite in the High Coast with hostel, camping, cabins, heated swimming pool and […]

City guide – Bjärtrå, Nyland, Sandslån

Memories of timber The area below the Hammars bridge where the Ångermanälven flows out.Many traces remain from the time when the Ådalen and the river boiled with industrial activities. CELEBRITIES from the area Linus Ullmark, Sigurd Lewerentz. Accommodation Glamping High Coast Distillery, SörvikenLuxury tent with comfortable beds, a stone’s throw from High Coast Whiskey and […]

City guide – Ljungadalen

The adventure Sweden’s geographical center – well, actually! In addition, a landscape taken from a fairy tale with forests, flowing water and dramatic mountains. CELEBRITIES from the area Anette Fanqvist, Nils Gissler, Robert Pettersson. Accommodation Hussborg mansion, LjungaverkA total of 100 beds in several standard and price classes. The golfer’s obvious choice as the manor’s […]

City guide – Ånge

In the middle of Sweden The central location in Ljungan’s dramatic valley is a place where everything is close. Swimming, fishing and outdoor activities are available around the knot. CELEBRITIES Elias Pettersson, Lars Lagerbäck, Samuel Påhlsson, Takida, Johanna Ojala. The central location in Ljungan’s dramatic valley is a place where everything is close. Swimming, fishing […]

Garden picnic

Surely it’s nice to have a break and a beautiful garden? Green is just so nice! Regardless of whether you are looking for shadows under a salary, an avskild plats för återhämmtning och reflection eller kanske inspiration, så finns det pärlor att ty sig till i Västernorrland. Café SmakrummetNorra berget SundsvallCafé with a pleasant environment […]

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