City guide – Ljungadalen

The adventure

Sweden’s geographical center – well, actually! In addition, a landscape taken from a fairy tale with forests, flowing water and dramatic mountains.

CELEBRITIES from the area Anette Fanqvist, Nils Gissler, Robert Pettersson.


Hussborg mansion, Ljungaverk
A total of 100 beds in several standard and price classes. The golfer’s obvious choice as the manor’s veranda is only 75 meters from the first tee of the Hussborg course.

Torpshammars manor, Torpshammarsvägen 10
Historic manor by Ljungan’s beach with 36 rooms. An accommodation for those who appreciate the little extra. Restaurant and spa and relaxation area.

Camp Mid Adventure, Rombäck, Torpshammar
Appreciated campsite with several cabin types and tent sites. Many activities in the area and good swimming opportunities.

Haverö Hembygdsförening, Säter, Östavall
Exotic overnight stay in the inn from the 18th century. The simple standard is compensated by the tranquility and the beautiful view of Ljungan.

Täljegården’s Bed & Breakfast, Erikslund
Only on a living farm with animals, 150 meters from St. Olavsleden. Stay in a room or cabin and swim in the lake or try the wood-burning sauna.

Stöde camping, Kälsta
Family-friendly camping cabins and caravan sites at Ljungan and Stödesjön. Pool, gym, cafe and more.


Stöde Form, Gyllenvägen 20 E, Stöde
Alster of 75 local craftsmen crowded into 200 square meters. Cafe and tea stall. Proud supplier of genuine Support Caps.

Rustika Hem, Bergom 208, Matfors
Gårdsbutik with everything in interior design, garden and textiles.

Fränsta shopping center
Fränsta is a small town but with an impressive collection of shops. Including food, hardware, flowers & flea market items

Mitt Musteri, Näset 710, Erikslund
Café, apple musteri and accommodation. Also arranges at least a couple of concerts a month during the summer.

Löfstrandhs Café & Country Store, Näset, Erikslund
Old country store became country store/yarn store again. Beautiful 19th-century environment along the St. Olofsleden trail.

Industore, Gissjövägen 509, Fränsta
Shop for workshops, forestry and gardening formerly the premises of Gamla Bykrogen. The Coffee Shop will also open here soon.


The good mill, Centrumvägen 6, Matfors
Furnishing details, clothes and accessories – but also a lovely kitchen where lunch, coffee and cakes are made on site and with love.

Café Tinget, Borgsjöbyn
Good summer café in the old courthouse at Borgsjö homestead. Light lunch, pies, sandwiches, waffles, home-baked coffee bread and ice cream.

Happy Day’s Dinner, Torpshammarsvägen 4
Pizza, hamburgers, other grilled dishes and lunches In a 50s environment.

Viking Restaurant & Pizzeria, Ljungaverk
Pizza, hamburgers, simple à la carte, full rights.

Sigges i Viskan, Västra Edebovägen 31, Stöde
A rustic and relaxed restaurant with food prepared from good ingredients. Serves both lunch and à la carte.

Getbergets Café, Ljunganverk
You get a cozy café and the magnificent view with the purchase.

See & do

Naturum Ånge,

Permanent exhibition with facts about the area’s nature and culture. Guided tours, nature trail, children’s activities all summer and growing summer programs.

Sweden’s center, Flataklocken
Sweden’s geographical center is at the village of Munkbysjön, about five miles southeast of Ånge. Summer cafe and an absolutely enormous view.

Eldnäset’s rafting museum & café, Östavall
Seasonally open museum about the long history of rafting on Ljungan. Also summer cafe.

Långhuset in Viskan
An architectural gem. The 70-meter-long wooden house is known, among other things, from the movie “The Miracle in Viskan” with Rolf Lassgård and Lia Boysen in the lead roles.

White water rafting
Try white water rafting together with experienced instructors. Kayaks and all safety equipment are available for rent. Search at

Climbing, Mid Camp Adventure, Torpshammar
Solid climbing park with a total of 10 courses, 7 ziplines and 1 zipdrop. From a height of 1 meter up to 16 meters. Try as much as you can and dare during a three-hour session!

Boda Borg, Bodaborg 1000, Torpshammar
Challenges in different degrees of difficulty. Lots of missions that make different demands on strength, agility, cunning and cooperation.

Fishing in Haverö Streams
Three interconnecting streams with plenty of precious fish are available when you have bought a fishing license. Guide available. Check out

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