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In the middle of Sweden

The central location in Ljungan’s dramatic valley is a place where everything is close. Swimming, fishing and outdoor activities are available around the knot.

CELEBRITIES Elias Pettersson, Lars Lagerbäck, Samuel Påhlsson, Takida, Johanna Ojala.

The central location in Ljungan’s dramatic valley is a place where everything is close. Swimming, fishing and outdoor activities are available around the knot.


Hotel Mittlandia,
Torggatan 8

If you want to feel the pulse of Ånge, the Mittlandia applies. Here you live right in the center, with a restaurant in the building.

Hotell Ånge,
Centralgatan 2

Small family-owned hotel with eight rooms. 100 meters to the train station and also close to most services, restaurants, etc.

Ånge Camping,
Albyvägen 219

Camp, stay in a cabin or hostel. Scenic location. Next to the campsite is Sinnenas art park and you can also go out on the lake by boat.


Centralgatan 5

Second hand, antique and retro. Nice assortment.

Ånge bookshop,
Centralgatan 9

Ah, a classic book and paper shop! Yes, Ånge boasts a fine establishment of the old, endangered variety. Pick up the summer book here!

Ånge In Sweden,
Köpmangatan 1

Online home furnishing store that also has a physical store.

Norra Borgsjövägen 13

Hunting and fishing are the thing here. If you’re missing something for the fishing or hiking trip, it’s guaranteed to be here.

Erikshjälpen second hand, Lagergatan 2
Used finds in all conceivable areas. The money also goes to charitable causes.

Jiges, Järnvägsgatan 12
The classic neon sign remains at this clothing institution, which will soon be 70 years old. If you need to cheer up the whole family or just supplement with something smaller in the way of clothes, this is where you go.

Mari Zidén Konst & Design, Lantmannagatan 17
Glass artist Mari Zidén’s works are colorful and spectacular. Check out, for example, Naturum Borgsjö, Hussborg Herrgård, Parish Magazine Borgsjö.

Strömmens Gårdsmejeri, Boltjärn 143
On the farm there is a farm shop where the dairy’s cheeses are sold – including the award-winning Boltjärn Blue – plus some well-chosen taste buds such as marmalade. If you’re lucky during your visit, the cheese is made in the dairy, then you can see the production live through a window.


Skogens Sköna Gröna, Centraltorget 4
Sales hall and ice cream shop in the center with exciting, local flavors. Here you also buy local food crafts, jewellery, kitchen gadgets and gift items.

Café Bönan,
Centraltorget 4

F d Maries Café. Sweet and charming in a tasty combination.

Lagon Thai,
Järnvägsgatan 16

Record-breaking Thai restaurant with food that both tastes and satisfies. Also has a menu of Chinese dishes.

Ånge Deli,
Centraltorget 4

Restaurant, café and country store in central Ånge, which is one of the city’s most popular eateries.

See & do

nature reserve

Large reserve that gives the visitor a sense of what the Norrland forest looked like before it began to be transformed into today’s modern forest. Huge area with roughly two miles of trails, several overnight cabins and rest areas.

Ånge Natur,
Köpmangatan 7

Conservator Pär Gelin’s collection of stuffed animals has become a museum. Over 2,500 mounted birds and animals from all over the world can now be viewed. Open by appointment!

Ånge Discgolf course,
Kapellbacken, Åsgatan 36

Nice, easily accessible park course with eighteen holes near Ånge camping. Play with your own discs or rent for cheap.

Badplatsen Vojen
Inside the community of Ånge is the popular bathing place Vojen, a lake with a sandy beach that works perfectly for families with children. Due to its size, Vojen’s water becomes pleasantly warm already early in the season.

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