Anders’ life’s work lives on

The first piece of wood was joined over 40 years ago with a board in the place that today is a concept: Mannaminne. The artist Anders Åberg then began his work of art, which today can be visited in Nordingrå in the heart of the High Coast.

But what is Mannamine? An international Skansen in a forest hill, someone has said. A museum says someone else, while a third says that there are indeed a dozen completely different museums.
Regardless, many who have wandered around Mannaminne have probably noted that it is a place where things rekindle memories for some, and surprise some others. In the Technology Museum the other day, an 8-year-old looked at an old typewriter and wondered where the screen was!
Today, almost 50 buildings are included in the work, or “roof” as they say at Mannaminne. Here is the Chapel of the Minorities, which stands next to the stave church, a stone’s throw from there is an agricultural museum, a coastal museum, and bureaucracy museum. Look a little behind the tugboat “Lugnvik” and there is a real fighter plane, the J35 Draken. If it’s not spectacular, you’ll soon come across a life-size MAMMOT and a pike that’s six meters long! This is a place where the imagination is nourished.

What else will happen this summer? There will be music, exhibitions and lots of fun for the children. Go to for the latest news.

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