Sea fishing, river fishing, fly fishing in flowing water, fishing from a boat, trolling, spin fishing and lat fishing. In Västernorrland you can find everything you are looking for. This guide is just a scratch on the surface of what is hiding in fishing lanes in Medelpad and Ångermanland. Because these landscapes together are a veritable fishing eldorado. Shit fishing for you this summer!

1 Djupsjön
The lake is on the way to Holm and there is a sign after the road. When you have turned off the “main road”, you keep right until you come to a large wind shelter. There is an outhouse, large parking lot, several jetties and barbecue areas.
Managed by Sundsvall’s sportfishing club.
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2 Örabattnet
Here there are also a number of jetties and windbreaks as well as barbecue areas.
In Lake Djupsjön and Örabattnet, the club continuously releases fish. Fishing license required.
Managed by Sundsvall’s sportfishing club.
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3 Ängomtjärn
In central Matfors you will find this small lake. Here there are barbecue areas and many fishing piers. A fishing license is required and you can only start fishing at 1pm during the day. There are plenty of fish so the chance of getting a pacifier is high.
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4 Värptjärn
Just south of Härnösand lies Värptjärn. A nice pond run by Strömsländan’s fishing club. Well developed with wooden beams around the lake. There is also a handicap bridge and dass. Several barbecue areas are also available.
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5 Djupsjön, Högsjö
Here there are several wind shelters, a disabled bridge and a dass. Fish are released continuously and a fishing license is required. The fishing association also has that number of other fishing waters.
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6 Icktjärn
4 km from the center of Kramfors is Icktjärn. Here there are disabled jetties and several different fishing jetties and windbreaks with barbecue areas. Stenbiten also has more lakes that they manage.
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7 Hamptjärn and Agntjärn
Both lakes have disabled jetties and disabled people and their assistants fish for free in both lakes. They are also suitable for families with children. A lot of big fish are planted here and it is quite easy to get fish there. These two lakes are next to each other and you can reach them by driving road 90. In Hamptjärn there are also some places for caravans.
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8 Svartsjön
This lake is found in Själevad. Here, char and rainbow trout are planned. There are two nice wind shelters with barbecue areas and firewood and an outdoor terrace.
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9 Bölens FVOF
Fishing for trout, char and grayling is offered here in two ponds — Hamptjärn and Stortjärn. In Bölenstjärnarna, fish are planted every summer. Here you can fish from the beach and jetties. The ponds are connected by a channel. The area is suitable for families with children and the area is very easily accessible. Fishing licenses are bought at OKQ8
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Fishing license

Keep in mind that you have to buy a fishing license to be able to fish. Also check which rules apply to each sport fishing association. Many associations are connected to where fishing licenses can be purchased digitally.

Much more fishing

This is just a sampling of what is offered in the county. There are many more active fishing associations that offer great fishing. There is a great wealth of different fishing waters in Västernorrland. Such as streams, lakes, rivers and seas. There are thus good conditions for various types of sport and leisure fishing. Trout, salmon, grayling, perch and pike are some of the species found in the waters. Remember to follow the rules and that many species, for example the pike, have a tough time. Catch n release is never wrong when it comes to our wild fish.
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