Sinnenas blue väg from the E4 and two miles out to the tip of Åstön is a lovely summer trip with flea markets, arts and crafts and cafes. Living countryside and salt-sprinkled coastal dream in the same package!

CELEBRITIES from the area Johan Carl Kempe


Rent an old fisherman’s cabin and live in the middle of the calm. All cabins are named after fishermen who once lived here. Do you want to stay in Pär-Lars Petter’s cottage?

Söråker’s Herrgård,
Rigstavägen 15, Söråker

Träpatronbostaden which became a modern hotel. Good accommodation and a nice restaurant that newly opens during the summer. There is also a fantastic manor park laid out in the 19th century with unusual, exotic trees and plants. A green oasis!


Gamla Affärens butik, Västerrå
Grusvägkrogen is carefully expanding its retail operations. Oils and balsamic vinegar should be accompanied by local and regional products of good quality during the summer.

Fint & Antikt, Centrumvägen 73, Söråker
Loppis and farm shop in a nice older wooden house. Old combined with new in a wide range – from porcelain to textiles and furniture.


Skeppshamn’s Café
Skeppshamn is located in a lovely archipelago environment in the nature reserve at the far end of Åstön. The service is innovative and offers the whole range from a cup of coffee to a delicious dinner.

Porter Café, Åstön
A real institution in the coastal strip, as unchanging – and beautiful – as the rock outcrops at Åstön. Fried sturgeon, Toast Skagen and prawn fritters for the people!

Färjas Veranda,
Unnviksvägen 6, Tynderö
Dream location by the Tynderö Sound, combined with good food and ditto atmosphere make Färjas the place you always return to.

See & do

Åstön nature reserve
Barren and sparsely built-up coastal landscape is combined with beautiful paths through old forest with hanging lichens. There is a rich bird life here and if you listen you can hear the woodpecker in a pine tree near you. The fishing location Skeppshamn was founded in the 18th century and is a real gem. Don’t miss the newly renovated Fisherman’s Museum.

Holmö kayak, Holmö
The coastal stretch is fantastically beautiful but not entirely easy to reach by car. Why not try sea kayaking? Rent here and put out at Holmö jetty!

Tynderö and Åstön are water parks! Find your own favorite spot, or take some safe cards such as the small bathing coves Åkeröviken, Lilla Sandviken or Koviken on Åstön or popular Oxviken on the mainland side.

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