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When Oskar moved to Härnösand in the 80s, he knew nothing about Västernorrland.
– But now I have done so many different nature inventories from north to south in the county, so now I know all the more about the surroundings. I have a fantastic job that allows me to be out on such varied assignments, says Oskar Norrgrann, who works as a biologist at
the County Administrative Board.

Ånge municipality

Jämtgavel and Helvetesbrännan

In Ånge there are two of the county’s larger forest reserves. Here you can do shorter or longer hikes and experience wilderness. The reserves are large and visited by relatively few visitors, so the chances are high that you will not meet many other visitors. There are opportunities to take in one of the open rest cabins and the opportunities for fishing are good. Jämtgaveln is north of Borgsjö (E14) from there it is signposted, Helvetesbrännan is northwest of Ånge and follow the signs from road 86.


At the top of one of Ånge’s highest mountains is the Storklockens nature reserve. Perfect for those who like to climb mountains and do a slightly more demanding hike during the day. At the top of the mountain, the old fireman’s cabin remains. In good weather, the view is fantastic from the top and you can see all the way to Klövsjöfjällen and Sånfjället. The reserve is located 35 km southeast of Ånge, it is signposted to the reserve from road 314 towards Ytterhogdal.

Haverö streams

Haverö currents are one of the few remaining living rapids in Ljungan. Here you can experience roaring rapids and see beautiful cultural environments. A cafe is open during the summer. Perfect for a shorter hike or for those who want to make a fire at one of the barbecue areas. From Ånge you take road 83 to Östavall and after that you take road 315 towards Rätansbyn, it is signposted to the streams between Kölsillre and Haverö. Nearby is the beautifully situated Haverö church and other nearby places worth visiting are the Haverö homestead and the naval museum in Eldnäset (just north of Kölsillre).

Sollefteå municipality


The Gideåberg bogs are one of the county’s finest botanical areas, which are also easy to visit with shorter trails set up. Here, in early summer, you can experience an enormous splendor of blooming orchids. From road 331 between Sollefteå and Ramsele you cross the Faxälven in Ärtrik, directions are available from Meåstrand.


North of Junsele is the Kärmsjöbäcken nature reserve. Here, at the southern end of Lill-Kärmsjön, you can visit a newly built Southern Sami hut and learn more about the Sami culture. Here it is perfect to rest and try to make a fire in the hut. North of Kärmsjöbäcken is the Ruskhöjden nature reserve with one of the county’s finest spruce natural forests and nearby is Övra kapel, which is also well worth a visit.

Inner Övik municipality


In Myckelgensjö you will find Gammelgården, a uniquely well-preserved farm with over 30 timbered houses with different functions. Gammelgården is very scenic next to Lake Myckelgensjö and is worth a visit for anyone interested in our history. At the lake there is also a swimming area that can be worth a visit on a hot summer day. In summer, a cafe is open in Gammelgården. You can get here by taking road 348 just south of Örnsköldsvik towards Bredbyn, there you take the road towards Junsele.

Inner Timrå/Härnösand municipality


The Mjällådalen nature reserve is perfect for those who want to do a slightly longer, demanding hike in magnificent surroundings. Here you get to experience exciting geology, magnificent forests and a beautifully winding stream. There are several miles of hiking trails and several rest areas here. The parking lot is located along road 331 about 8 km south of Viksjö, just north of Tunbodarna. Also take the opportunity to visit Västanåfallet, which lies between Mjällådalen and and Viksjö.

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