Nice hiking trails

Fine hiking trails through world heritage sites, forests and where pilgrims have walked

Höga Kusten and Medelpad are an Eldorado for hikers. Whether you want to go long, short, looking for challenges or want to have it easy, you will find nice trails and paths that offer both wonderful nature experiences, powerful views and the sound of silence.
Here we advise on some of them.


The St. Olavsleden not only runs through several municipalities and two provinces, but stretches across two countries, with the Bothnian Sea on the Swedish side and the Atlantic Ocean on the Norwegian side.
It is 580 km long and as demanding as it is magnificent in terms of variety and views; coast, forest, mountains, mountains and fjords.
On the Swedish side, it starts in Selånger and if you choose to walk the whole distance, you will “finish” in Trondheim. However, most people choose to cut one or a few stages.

Long but far from as long as St. Olavsleden is the MittNordenleden with its approximately 110 km between Södra Berget in Sundsvall to Borgsjöbyn in Ånge municipality.

Less well known but historically interesting and open to both hikers and horses, is the approximately 40 km long Gusturleden . Here you walk in a circle from Hov in Selånger, west to Huljen, down to Vattjom, Matfors, and then parallel to E14 back to Hov.

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In Timrå municipality, they also invest in hiking, mainly in the Indalsälven delta. There are several trails already ready, but the goal is to also create a long coastal trail in the area.


The High Coast trail

The High Coast – which is both the name of a world heritage site with 76 percent in the municipality of Kramfors and the rest in Örnsköldsvik and Kvarken in Finland AND a destination name for the whole of Ångermanland – has many hiking trails of different character and scattered throughout the area.
But two of them are more famous than the others.

The Höga Kusten trail between Hornöberget at the northern end of the Högakustenbron and Varvsberget in Örnsköldsvik, consists of 13 stages and just over 128 km that take between five and seven days to complete. You get the best and most beautiful of the High Coast, a really hilly terrain and many opportunities for interesting detours to exciting activities. Not to mention several nice bathing spots.
The World Heritage Trail is the other of the “parade trails” which is slightly shorter, only ten miles long, but at least as scenic and adorable. Fishing locations, around 30 villages, mountains and fantastic Nordingrå in all its splendor is well worth the effort.

We can also warmly recommend an exploration of the Skuleskogen National Park with different entrances in both Kramfors municipality and Örnsköldsvik municipality.

If you want to get a dose of the High Coast in an easier way, the Little High Coast Trail around Hornöberget and the High Coast Path on the southern side of Skuleberget (starting from FriluftsByn) may be suitable. They are 3 and 5 km long respectively.

City environment, forest, mountains and coast you get on the Härnöleden , which runs in a loop of about 2 miles on Härnön in Härnösand.
The Janne Vängman trail has existed for just over 20 years and runs between the churches in Säbrå and Viksjö, through Stigsjö. The Janne Vängmanleden is a road into the Mjällådalen nature reserve that stretches from Härnösand municipality into Timrå municipality.

In the western High Coast, the Nipleden is fascinating with its characteristic nipples for the area – some of them about 50 meters high – which were created after the last ice sheet 20,000 years ago.

Another trail is the Ådalsleden , which starts at Boteå church in Sollefteå municipality and connects to Vildmarksleden in Ullångers parish, Kramfors municipality. Through this, it connects the Höga Kusten inland and the Ångermanälven, with the coastal strip and the sea. The fact is that from the Ådalsleden you can hike eight to ten miles – depending on the route you choose – if you continue on the Vildmarksleden and then on the Högakustenleden and the World Heritage Trail .

If you want to follow a path in the forest, then the Nature Path in Junsele is something to recommend. The nature trail is a circular trail of approx. 9 km. The trail is clearly marked with orange paint on stones and signs at the campsite in Junsele.
A short but charming little trail is the Kraftleden in Röån outside Junsele – only 2.6 km long – where you can also take part in the Röå residents’ struggle to save their unique waterway from development. The Röåforsarna nature reserve was inaugurated in 2022.

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