Garden picnic

Surely it’s nice to have a break and a beautiful garden? Green is just so nice! Regardless of whether you are looking for shadows under a salary, an avskild plats för återhämmtning och reflection eller kanske inspiration, så finns det pärlor att ty sig till i Västernorrland.

Café Smakrummet
Norra berget Sundsvall
Café with a pleasant environment in the middle of Norra Stadsberget’s splendid nature. Here you can eat and have coffee. Our specialty is sandwiches made with Swedish, local and small-scale ingredients. You can also buy Sundsvall’s own Dragon ice cream

Katrinelunds Trädgård & Café
Privately owned inspirational garden that is open Thursday–Sunday all summer. Perennials and clipped hedges combine with mature trees to form a beautiful whole. Take the opportunity to have a coffee in the fresh cafe and buy plants or garden-related gadgets in the shop.

Söråkers herrgård
Once there was a full-scale manor park here. During the 1930s, the manor and its properties were transformed into a horticultural school with large plantations. A tangible memory from that time is the arboretum with over fifty more or less exotic trees and shrubs in the park.

Gamla prästgården
Murberget, Härnösand
Viksjö old vicarage is part of the open-air museum at Murberget Länsmuseet Västernorrland. A period garden with herbs and classic perennials has been built around the vicarage. The gardeners’ association is on site and talks on Tuesday afternoons in July.

Street Moves
Skeppsbron, Härnösand
Long table and benches with plants in harmony with the sea. The municipality of Härnösand has developed a future meeting place in collaboration with ArkDes and the design team Office. Buy coffee with you and sit and enjoy. Between Ådalen III and Sam’s Restaurant.

Nebulosa Gård
A creative meeting place and display garden in Sundsbruk, created by Susanne Arnfridsson, artist and garden designer. Shop, garden experience, art and summer cafe – here you get everything in the same package!

Kvarnå trädgård
Kvarnå, Junsele
Visitor garden near Junsele with lots of edible stuff. The café and farm shop are filled with home-grown produce and various food crafts. Here you will find a lot of fine and good food, but you can also relax with, for example, football golf.

Wästergårdens trädgårdscafé
Baggböle, Liden
Hundreds of plants flourish here – everything from fruit trees, berries, vegetables and shrubs, to perennials and annuals. During the summer, the old 18th-century house next to the garden is open to the public. Buy a coffee basket with home-baked coffee and find your favorite place in the green!

Monica´s Cottage Garden
Salsåker, Nordingrå
The garden designer/gardener’s own display garden in natural style in the heart of the High Coast. Soft lines and lush plants in a garden that includes everything from perennials to apricot and peach trees. Sales of plants and tools. Usually open on Sundays, and sometimes even more days.

Vårsta trädgård
Visitor and rehabilitation garden with inspiration from monastery gardens. Many herbs and edible plants are grown here, and in the greenhouse there are plants typical of the Mediterranean climate, such as fruit trees and olive trees. A place where tranquility sets in. Handicap friendly.

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