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Timrå is a place with great contrasts. If you drive through, you will see the large industries, but if you turn off, you will find beautiful nature and easily accessible outdoor life.

TIMRÅ CELEBRITIES Mats Näslund, Lill-Strimma Svedberg, Lennart Jähkel, Anton Lander, Marcus Ottosson, Siw Erixon, Ingo Hammarström.


Vivstavarvstjärn’s camping, Timrå
Family camping with close to everything. Here you place a tent, caravan/mobile home or rent accommodation in a cabin or in the hostel. Own pond where you swim on the sandy beach or fish for precious fish!

Bergeforsparken’s campsite, Forsvägen 20A
Located right by the Indalsälven and E4.


Lövberg farm production,
Lövberg, Ljustorp

Gårdsmejeri that produces award-winning cheeses and other dairy products from organic milk from the area. There is a self-service shop on the farm and there you can also buy food crafts from other local producers.

Kreha, Köpmangatan 55
Everything sold is handmade.

New Fashion,
Köpmangatan 39

Fashion store that has been around for over 25 years.

Butik 88,
Köpmangatan 27

That type of store that has everything: from watches and children’s toys to hair extensions and bags.


Qbar golf,
Golfbanevägen 2

The golf restaurant serves fresh lunch in a relaxing environment every weekday. Preferably home cooking.

Timrå Gårdsbutik,
Lilla Bandsjön 303

Gårdsbutik with home decor and gift items, but also a really good and nice restaurant and a cafe. Cozy and good quality!

Namos, Köpmangatan 31
Not only a restaurant but also an entertainment bar.

Tiks Thairestaurang, Köpmangatan 27
The street kitchen grew out of the costume and became a restaurant.

Söråker Folkets Hus
Söråker center with food, cinema, library in the same building. Open all year round. When regular staff take vacation, Söråker’s young people work here in the summer.

See & do

Lögdö wilderness
A couple of miles directly north of the town, the wilderness spreads out. Lögdö Wild offers relaxing cabin accommodation, campsites, fishing and hiking in the middle of the wilderness.

Large outdoor area where you have all the time and space in the world. Running track, roller ski track, good trails for hiking. In addition, a cafe open in summer for those who would rather fill up the energy depots than empty them.

Riiby Gård, Riibygatan 33, Bergeforsen
Tour riding on Icelandic horses under expert guidance and in beautiful nature. The leader sets up the ride according to the participants’ prior knowledge and wishes.

Akvarievägen 7, Sörberge

The large salmon farm in Bergeforsen is not open to the public, but you can see real fish for fish anyway! In the salmon aquarium, there are breeding fish that have been brought up from the Indals river.

Adventure golf,

Beach golf with freer course design, simply.

Discgolf course Fagervik

Flack and open park course with 18 baskets and 2 drafts on each basket means you can choose a slightly easier loop (green) or a slightly more difficult one (yellow). Bring your own discs!

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