High Coast’s delicious drinks

Taste the High Coast! Here the flavors are as rich and varied as the landscape and there are lots of unique products to choose from. Everything from the world’s best gin to Sweden’s best kombucha is made here, and in between you’ll find a lot of exciting beer types from a rapidly growing nanobrewery industry.

Vasa Bryggeri

The unforgettable soft drinks from your childhood are still made in Njurunda! Such as Guldus, Portello, Syd and Rio. Drinks that bring older nostalgic memories but also appeal to a young target group.

Friendship Rum EK


Nuanced, spicy flavor with clear barrel character, hints of apricot marmalade, vanilla fudge, butterscotch, arrack, orange, pepper and straw. Served at room temperature as avec.

Bröderna Bommen

The brothers explore the flavors intensively and deliver fresh from the brewery, distillery and bakery. One product that stands out is the vodka, clean with a hint of citrus in the taste.

Noisy Bastards

Fun Noisy Bastards make everything from heavy stout to folk ice cream, but just in time for summer they release The Alien, a fruity, hoppy smoker with notes of grapefruit, mango,
and apricot.

Mitt skafferi
Alnö, Sundsvall

Multiple award-winning food artisan who excels when it comes to mulled wine. In summer, you might rather enjoy fresh, locally produced lingonberry juice.

Tjärnsjö Brewing

Extremely productive nanobrewery that specially brews for several restaurants in the High Coast. Fruity and busty Hunter Pale Ale hits home with many.

Kvarnå Trädgård

Shrub krusbär is a non-alcoholic locally produced carbonated drink with the taste of gooseberry and a fresh acidity and character of mild lingonberry vinegar. Luxury! There are also other kinds of shrub on the cozy oasis just outside Junsele.

Hernö Hantverksöl

A brewery that is now one of the longest running in the area and produces beer of high and consistent quality. There are several favorites but why not try Lungö? A pale that tastes healthy and fresh.

Hädanbergs bryggeri

A brewery in small Hädanberg, in the western parts of Örnsköldsvik, which brews beer that can be ordered at Systembolaget or enjoyed at Restaurang Public on Nygatan in Örnsköldsvik.

Hernö Gin

The world’s most award-winning gin distillery in recent years is located in small Dala west of Härnösand. Constantly with new approaches and always with development and refinement as two watchwords. If you go to Stockholm this summer, you can also visit Hernö Gin’s embassy in Hornstull.

Skogens sköna gröna

Very interesting flavors from the forest. Try, for example, Älvdrottningsaft made from moose herb – appreciated juice with an adult taste.

Forss Destilleri

A newly established, small-scale and artisanal whiskey distillery.


Skåne is Northern! Yes, actually. Skåne akvavit and a whole range of classic Swedish schnapps brands are produced in an anonymous factory in Matfors. Will it be a Gammal Norrlands Akvavit for the sour stream?

Kustens Gårdsbryggeri

Kustens Gårdsbryggeri became the first Kramforsbryggeri to find its way onto Systembolaget’s shelves. In the mood for a fruity brown ale with hints of dried apricots, dark bread, syrup and dates?

Lockeby Bryggeri

Lockeby makes few varieties, but makes them really well. And of course you also dare to try folk beer. Norrstigen is a wonderfully fresh pale ale with good malt body despite the low alcohol content.

Alnö, Sundsvall

Sour beer is not for everyone, neither producers nor consumers. But done well, it is a perfect companion on a summer’s day. Alnöls Galactico hits the spot, very acidic but also fruity and with hints of fruit and lemon.


The mountain brewers brew beer and dream of the mountains. Their pilsner is a German-style malty story with hints of crispbread and orange zest.

High Coast Whisky
Bjärtrå, Kramfors

Whiskey distillery whose reputation has spread far beyond the country’s borders and which is now listed on the stock exchange. Visit the distillery, take a guided tour and eat in the restaurant with a view of the mouth of the Ångerman River. Or why not try a whiskey at the bar? Produced just a stone’s throw away.

Bryggeriet Stenhammaren

Stenhammaren has his feet firmly rooted in the English beer tradition and masters the traditional styles. If you like dark beer, choose Sundsvall Porter, for example.


The family business in Nordingrå knows this with flavors. Can you perhaps be tempted with a ready-to-drink redcurrant drink, furiously full and healthy?

Skule Bryggeri

Microbrewery that has ambitions to take the next step with a new partner. Their beer can both be bought at local restaurants and ordered at Systembolaget.

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