High coast flavors

Sometimes it is the food that is the goal of the trip and sometimes it is the environment, the view and nature that make the dining experience unforgettable. Here is a selection of good restaurants and nice places to go for a bite to eat.

  1. Invito , Storgatan 6–8, Sundsvall
    Italy meets Norrland on the plate – and love arises. You should eat the fine à la carte meal here – or why not try the tasting menu?
  2. APA , Trädgårdsgatan 3 (Härnösand) and Storgatan 33 (Sundsvall)
    Busy restaurant with robust burgers on the menu and a wide selection of beers. Easy to enjoy.
  3. , Nybrogatan 16, Sundsvall
    Modern steakhouse with well-prepared classics and a very popular bar. Murky and cozy.
  4. Mamma Augusta’s kitchen , Sjögatan 5, Sundsvall
    Restaurant on the street level at Best Western Baltic Hotel. Classic cooking in pleasant surroundings.
  5. NATURAJ , Torggatan 1, Sundsvall
    Resourceful and extremely competent cooking in the middle of Stenstan. Also has an outstanding Gin&Tonic bar. Book your place well in advance – this is an absolute top restaurant in the region and there is a queue for places!
  6. Kung Louie , Storgatan 33, Sundsvall
    Neapolitan, wood-burning oven gives you luxury pizza at a humane price.
    Part of the restaurant concept which includes the menagerie and APA.
  7. Dolcetto Trattoria Italiana , Kyrkogatan 8, Sundsvall
    Italian neighborhood restaurant right in the center of Sundsvall. A risotto under a parasol in the courtyard is relaxed and luxurious at the same time.
  8. Restaurant Vindhem , Alnö
    The sailing paradise on southern Alnö has its own archipelago restaurant. Lots of fish and prawns and lots of Swedish, but for example Russian sturgeon sneaks onto the menu. Sometimes you have to be willing to compromise, right?
  9. Gamla Affären , Västerrå, Söråker
    The wine importers started a gravel road restaurant and wine bar in the middle of the mountain – what a success! Small, personal restaurant and a menu with a focus on Northern and Italian cuisine.
  10. Portercaféet , Åstön
    No summer without salmon or sturgeon at cute Portercaféet. Incredibly calm and cozy.
  11. Restaurant Lörudden , Lörudden
    At “Löran” it is busy all summer and both the lunch and dinner sessions usually attract many visitors on summer vacation. Seafood theme of course.
  12. Sankt Petri Logen , Brunnshusgatan 1, Härnösand
    Take a food trip this summer! Sankt Petri Logen’s restaurant offers new taste themes every week during the summer. Lovely outdoor seating in the park.
  13. Engströms Food & Deli , Storgatan 29, Härnösand
    A new gem in Västernorrland’s pub scene. Here you will find the best food, freshest drinks in a very nicely designed interior.
  14. Hemsö Fästning , Hemsön, Härnösand
    The old defense facility has a newly built restaurant with a real cannon location (heh heh!). Can you enjoy your food in a more beautiful setting? Open for lunch and dinner all summer.
  15. Food & Nostalgia , Viksjö
    Fik and hamburgers in a recreated country store from the 1950s/60s. Typical of the time and well maintained down to the smallest detail. An experience!
  16. Björkuddens Hotell & Restaurang , Nyadal
    Here you have a great time, ten meters from the water and with a view of the Högakusten Bridge. In the old manor’s dining room you will of course find veal and Wallenberg, but also modern and vegetarian.
  17. Hotel Höga Kusten , Nyadal
    With a perfect location at the base of the Höga Kusten Bridge and a view of the mouth of the Ångerman River, you can have a better dinner, coffee or an ice cream. Safe cards, well executed.
  18. Gårdsbutiken , Själand, Nordingrå
    Very popular place that uses the region’s own ingredients and defines the menu as “genuine bonna food and spicy dishes with an exotic touch”. White Guide recommends!
  19. Compassen Restaurang & Pizzeria , Norrfällsviken
    Located right by the guest harbor with large outdoor seating and a view of the entire bay and the old fishing village.
  20. Restaurant Vardagsrummet , Docksta
    Newly built restaurant in Friluftsbyn at the foot of Skuleberget. Smash burgers with exciting accessories and a good atmosphere. Sometimes the service takes place inside and sometimes under the open sky
    in the courtyard.
  21. Ulvö Hotell , Ulvöhamn
    Coastal Pearl Ulvö Hotell likes to call itself a gastro hotel and continues to deliver accordingly. Locally produced and preferably with a personal touch in execution or accessories.
  22. Linnéa & Peter , Fabriksgatan 12B, Örnsköldsvik
    The small fine dining restaurant Linnéa & Peter is one of the region’s best restaurants. Point. Familiar, friendly and never tired or predictable. Book well in advance!
  23. RESTAURANG PUBLIC , Nygatan 17, Örnsköldsvik
    Moody neighborhood restaurant with a strong emphasis on meat. Well-known dishes, but stands out with a wide range of mainly beer and whiskey and to some extent wine. Ardbeg Consulate.
  24. THE CHEF BY THE SEA , Strandkajen, Örnsköldsvik
    Cozy and fresh neighborhood restaurant near the water in the inner harbor. Bengt Lindström art on the walls and almost as colorful on the plate. Fine à la carte evening time.
  25. NC Restaurang & Café , Limstagatan, Kramfors
    Nice mix of Kurdish dishes and grilled dishes. Also has a pastry section.
  26. GRILLAT I IMNÄS , Imnäs 170, Ramsele
    A really good bbq restaurant, set up in an old lodge in the middle of nowhere, what are the odds for that? Never mind the same: the food is as wonderful as the view beautiful and the environment calming.

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