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Close to everything

Central location in the municipality that was the first to be affected by the High Coast concept. Here it is close to everything, you park with a parking disc and there is both a mall and small, unique shops. If you come by train, the Travel Center is a few steps away from the square in the middle of town.

HUGGING CELEBRITIES Sandra Näslund, Magnus Wernblom, Anna Olsson, Adrian Kempe, Mario Kempe, Nils “String” Strinning.


First Hotel Kramm, Torggatan 14
The hotel is strategically located by Kramforsån. From the entrance, it is 200 meters to the square and 300 meters to the Travel Centre. The hotel also has one of Höga Kusten’s info points and a large restaurant.

The city hotel, Järnvägsgatan 24
Stadt has a gym on the ground floor, fresh rooms, a spa area on the floors above and a fantastic whiskey and wine cellar. The latter, however, is only open to members.

Kramforsvikens camping
Newly built cabins in a secluded but still close to town location. A gem in Ådalen.


Gallerian Christoffer, Biblioteksgatan 1
Family mall with a good range of shops and with the fresh café Mama Opas in the middle.

DollarStore, Industrivägen 2
Popular store with a wide selection and large parking.

Polyfoto, Torggatan 17
Traditional photo shop with studio, rapid development and all the things you found in photo shops before the breakthrough of the digital camera – crossed with the digital.

Kramfors Bokhandel, Ringvägen 12
Well-stocked bookstore with plenty of local literature. Arranges regular author meetings with signings and literature cruises with Ådalen III.

Colorama, Lunde
Large paint and interior design store about a mile from town. Very good selection and good service.


Restaurant LAT, Ringvägen 20
Offers a pleasant environment, well-prepared high-class food and the best bar in town. Also runs the bowling alley wall to wall.

Pelle’s Burger, Vinkelgatan 1
Högrevburger, pizza and salads in a concept that started in Kramfors but has now been established in several other cities.

Träffen, Limstagatan 1
Restaurant with a history that has become a staple for many Kramfors residents. Outdoor seating. Yugoslav dishes, home cooking, pizzas and grilled dishes.

Kiosken – Pizza & Vin
First Hotel Kramm’s newly established restaurant with, among other things, pizzas baked in a stone oven and a pleasant atmosphere.

NC Café & Lunchbar, Limstagatan 8
Located in the middle of the pedestrian street. In addition to salads, grilled dishes, toast and sandwiches, they offer popular dishes from the Middle East. Also has a pastry shop.

See & do

Disc golf, Hagaparken
Hålen is located by a bay and in one of the city’s most visited green oases, which also has an outdoor gym.

Temperate swimming pool and campsite just over a kilometer from the centre.

There is plenty of good fishing in Kramfors, including in Gäddtjärn and Icktjärn, a few kilometers from town. Search fishing at for information.

Footpath – with a large part on wooden decks – around the idyllic bay with a location close to the city.

Ådalen III
Ride with Ådalen III along the Ångerman River. Food is served on board, some tours have entertainment.

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