Västernorrland’s many museums

Learn about the great land uplift and the national park

Little time left for cultural activities and experiences? Then you’ve come to the right place. Dream away among gleaming mahogany leisure boats or marvel at 750 clocks in a barn. There is much to see in the High Coast’s museums and art galleries.

Svartvik’s industrial monuments
Svartviksvägen 22, Kvissleby
Visitor destination with many well-preserved buildings and environments from the sawmill era. Try the bowling alley and let the children play in the historically themed play park.

Norra Bergets friluftsmuseum
Norra stadsberget, Sundsvall
Open air museum in the spirit of Skansen with old buildings, objects and cultural environments. Here you take a fun trip through Medelpad’s history in beautiful surroundings and at the crafts and maritime museum here you will find the famous Skvadern. Very child friendly!

Häggvik, Nordingrå
Open Air Museum and constantly growing and teeming projects created by the artist Anders Åberg. Older houses, “mini museums” and collections. A fascinating experience in the middle of the World Heritage Site.

Nämforsen rock carving museum
Nipvägen 7, Näsåker
Unsure of opening this summer.

Västernorrland’s museum
Open air museum with many older buildings in different styles. Very popular and well visited in summer. Both permanent and changing exhibitions in the modern main building.
This summer, among other things, exhibitions with the work of the artist Bengt Lindström.

Sundsvall’s museum
Packhusgatan 4
You can find Sundsvall’s museum in Kulturmagasinet in the center. There are always new exhibitions here about Sundsvall’s history and present. Here you can also see parts of the museum’s art collection.

Kramfors art gallery
Torggatan 2, Kramfors
Contemporary art and crafts from professional artists are displayed here. The summer exhibition features 2018 Höga Kusten scholarship holder Gitte Eidslott.

Härnösand art gallery
Stora Torget, Härnösand
Unsure of opening this summer.

Idrottsvägen 3, Mjällom
In the old Norlin shoe factory there is an exhibition about the area’s proud and interesting industrial era, but also an exhibition about Nordingrå SK and mopeds and motorcycles. Café, flea market, art and sale of handicrafts.

Fishing museum Vålen
High Coast’s smallest museum? A stone’s throw from the water in the fishing village, Vålen is open during the summer months. Boat, fishing equipment and a lot of information in a small area.

Ådalen’s industrial museum
The floating museum at Sandslån is facing a transformation. Together with the newly started association Ådalens Industrimuseum, Kramfors municipality will renew the exhibitions in the historic Imperial Palace. This summer is perhaps the last chance to visit the old exhibitions about the floating and sorting era at Sandslån 1872-1982! The association’s goal is for Ådalen’s Industrial Museum to become a hub and a meeting place for those who want to discover Ådalen’s industrial landscape. The museum is aiming for a new premiere with updated exhibitions in the summer of 2022.
The museum is open June-August every day 10am-5pm. www.adalensindustrimuseum.se

How many bells can fit in a converted barn? Answer: At least 750 table, wall and floor clocks from four centuries. This is a strange museum experience. Open on weekends in July.

Örnsköldsvik museum and art gallery
Läroverksgatan 1, Örnsköldsvik
All in one! Örnsköldsvik in history and present, but also the popular children’s exhibition Nolavonda – the history collectors where the children solve tasks.

Fiskevistet Surströmmingsmuseum
Exhibition about Norrland’s surströmming culture, about boats, fishing, piloting and people in the area at the world’s first surströmming museum.

Ulvö museum
Nice little museum that tells about the hard life as a coastal fisherman in the past. Small museum with traditional boathouse and cookhouse. The museum is owned and operated by the chapel team on the island.

Galtström’s mill
Medelpad’s oldest, largest and last iron mill was in operation from 1673 to 1916. Mill environment.

Mädan, Nordingrå
Nowadays there are two mini museums that tell part of the history of the village. We rank it among the country’s smallest museums. Charm factor.

The Witch Museum
The recently relocated and reopened museum tells of a terrible era in our history – when people were convicted and executed for witchcraft.

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