On a journey among delicacies

Taste, smell and experience! There are any number of flavors and aromas to discover on the High Coast. From crusts that taste like blueberries or sour strömming to home-roasted coffee and goat cheese from the small farm dairy. Here are flavors and a quality that you rarely find in other places.

Skogs-Hilda’s stone oven bakery & café
Sundbrogatan 29, Ullånger
The crusade to preserve Norrland flatbread continues! At the White Guide-awarded cafe, organic bread is produced and sold on barley flour, hand-rolled and baked in a wood-fired oven. Recommended! Will not be open as much as usual due to the pandemic situation.

Ingrid Ölund at Skogs-Hildas in Ullånger won two gold medals in the 2017 SM in food craft and is the best in Sweden at baking flat bread, both soft and hard.

Meåfors Getgård
Meåfors, Ramsele
Organic goat farm that produces many inventive cheeses. Everything from award-winning spreadable mese to goat feta, mealoumi, the crumbly cream cheese goat cotta and Meåfors pucken. Everything is sold in the own farm shop, but is also available in many shops in the surrounding area.

Mitt skafferi
Alnön, Sundsvall
Mulled wine queen Ulla Lahti has now taken home medals in the food craft championship four years in a row for her mulled wine varieties. Here you can also find marmalade, jam, juice, flavored salt and much more. Farm shop at Alnö with irregular opening hours.

Alnö Kaffehus

Alnön, Sundsvall
Family-owned coffee roastery that brings beans from all corners of the world and roasts itself – Norrlandskaffe. The products are available in the range of several grocery stores in Sundsvall and the surrounding area. Or buy beans and roast yourself!

Lövberg Gårdsproduktion
Ljustorp, Timrå
Local is the thing in Lövberg. Even the names of the dairy’s cow’s milk products come from people who lived on the farm. Some farm sales, but the products are also sold in shops in the surrounding area.


Lilla Bandsjön 303, Timrå
Butik, cafe with home-baked bread and animal boarding house (!) that also offers drink tastings. Idyllic location.

Forseds Getgård
Forsed, Bollstabruk
Producer with long experience sells goat’s cheese and goat’s cheese from its own goats, but also, for example, flat bread, smoked cured meats, and pork fillet and in season also fresh kid meat. Open in the farm shop according to the principle “when you have time and we are at home”.

Strömmens gårdsmejeri
Boltjärn, Ånge
Veteran in the food craft trade union who continues to deliver Sells his magnificent sheep’s and cow’s milk cheeses in delicatessens throughout the country – and in his own farm shop.

Hard cheese Sven Kals from the acclaimed Strömmens Gårdsmejeri in Boltjärn.

Nätra Prästbord Gård
Bjästa, Örnsköldsvik
Farm with its own chicken breeding and beekeeping that also sells everything from honey and quail eggs to stone oven baked bread – baked on the farm of course.

Gånsvik, Härnösand
Fantastically good chocolate, ingeniously packed in nice covers. Started in 2020 but is already the talk of the town in Härnösand.

Marika with delicious chocolate from Gånsviks Choklad.
We can never have enough!

Östanö skafferi
Östanö, Noraström
Organic and Krav-marked rhubarb cultivation that produces award-winning juice, marmalade, jam and more. Closed this summer due to covid-19 but is open outside every Thursday (daytime) for the sale of juice, marmalade and chutney, among other things.

Jeltsjes Chokladpraliner & Saras Glassfabrik
Dockstavägen 31, Docksta
Mathantverk with class and finesse combined with a cafe. Buy with some big, mammoth pralines from the shop/café which is open Wednesday-Saturday basically during the summer. Organic and fair trade.

Näske Lax
Näske, Bjästa
Small fish farm with rainbow salmon that is sold fresh, smoked or dug in the facility in Näske. Put and take fishing is offered for those who prefer to pull up their fish themselves.

Gide Get
Djuptjärn, Trehörningsjö
Prices, prices, prices – they just rain on Gide Get, the goat farm with the characterful cheeses. Farm shop with self-service.

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