City guide – Junsele, Näsåker, Ramsele

Near the wilderness

The western parts of Sollefteå municipality are wild, fascinating and multifaceted. The nature is powerful, the fishing attractive and there are both unique shops and a good range of food and drink in the area.

CELEBRITIES from the area Axel Gordh Humlesjö, Eva Bender, Andreas Molinder, Nicke Sjödin.


Bourbon Corner, Köpmangatan 66, Junsele
Hotel accommodation in central Junsele with the resort’s largest restaurant on the entrance floor.

Lungsjön camp, Ramsele
Rooms, apartments and dormitories.

Näsåker’s camping & cabin village
Cabins, pitches and service houses.

Gröna Huset, Skogsnäs
Individually designed rooms in an original location where green and multiculturalism run like red threads through everything.

Omsjö camping, Näsåker
Located by beautiful Lake Karvsjön. Nice swimming area and good fishing opportunities.

Edsele AIK campsite, Byvägen 17, Edsele
For both motorhomes and caravans.

Junsele Bed & Breakfast, Köpmangatan 37, Junsele
Family friendly and affordable and close to the zoo.

Hotell Färnlöf, Storgatan 11, Ramsele
Central, rich and familiar hotel in the middle of Ramsele’s main street.


Essys Fair trade, Storgatan 28, Näsåker
It’s not just the classic sign above the entrance that attracts, but also fair trade from cooperatives and artisans in India. Own leather workshop.

Garnstugan Meåfors
An oasis for yarn lovers.

Meåfors Getgård
Shop home-made cheeses and the classic goat cheese.

Röån’s furniture, Röån 126, Röån
A complete furniture department store, “centrally in the middle of the forest”. Already started in 1955. Delivers furniture for free up to ten miles and offers all visitors coffee.

Skog & Trädgård, Forumvägen 10, Junsele
Appreciated store with a wide range that has reopened after being closed for a period. Same owner, same good service. Like an old-fashioned hardware store with extra everything.

Edins, Köpmangatan 31, Junsele
Home furnishing store dating back to 1949. “Good prices and a huge range of everything possible” as a Junsele resident put it.

Lily’s Antik & Kuriosa, Centrumhuset, Näsåker
Formerly Omsjö Prylmarknad. Antiques, knick-knacks and curiosities in a nice mix.

Ramsele Hem & Fritid, Storgatan 16, Ramsele
Clothes, leisure, gifts and everything else you can think of. A place like that that listened to what the customers wanted and took EVERYTHING home.


Grilled in Imnäs, Imnäs 170, Ramsele
An authentic BBQ restaurant that maintains a very high standard! Run by the Karlsson family. People come here from far and wide to eat food that is prepared with great love.

Bourbon Corner, Köpmangatan 66, Junsele
Junsele’s number one meeting place in American style with saloon and outdoor seating. Don’t hesitate to order a pepper steak with owner Börje Norberg’s famous pepper sauce.

Restaurang Solporten, Kägelbacken 6, Ramsele
Located in the middle of the home area and next to SVAR’s research halls. Well-prepared food and also with a magnificent view over perhaps the most beautiful part of scenic Ramsele.

Pizzeria Gomoran, Köpmangatan 36, Junsele
World famous throughout the western Sollefteå municipality for its pizzas. So you also have a Swedish silver medalist in pizza baking.

Kvarnå Trädgård Café & Gårdsbutik, Kvarnå 209, Junsele
Pastries, sandwiches and other things that are largely made or flavored with locally produced ingredients.

Sött & Salt Café & Deli, Köpmangatan 19, Junsele
Coffee bread, sandwiches, lunches, cheese, charcuterie and delicacies, cakes, sandwich cakes. Catering.

Ingelas Café, Storgatan 23, Näsåker
Homey environment with light dishes and home-baked bread.

See & do

Urkult – world music festival in Näsåker
4–6 August
Back again after the pandemic. Organized for the first time in 1995. Known all over Sweden.

The water festival at Betarsjön in Junsele,
July 18–20
falls during this year’s two-week homecoming days. Among other things, there will be performances from Rockbåten, the water skiing group Käglorna and much more.
Galaxen, Betarsjön, Junsele
Event throughout the summer.

The rock carvings at Nämforsen, Näsåker
A cultural treasure with its own museum. Over 2,500 preserved petroglyphs, the oldest some 6,000 years old, make this the second largest petroglyph area in Europe.

Junsele Djurpark, Mon, Junsele
Ångermanland’s only zoo with, among other things, white tigers and several eateries. Cirkus Scott has a circus tent on the premises.

Edsele mine
Drive towards Edsele saw, then take a forest road towards Ramneå. A few kilometers from the mine there is a roadblock. Once there, you can enjoy Västernorrland’s largest quartz and feldspar quarry with turquoise water.

Soccer golf, Kvarnå Trädgård, Kvarnå 209, Junsele
Ten holes and total course length 479 meters. Beat the record of 37 kicks? While you’re here, you should of course also visit the orangery, the greenhouse, the garden country, the farm shop and the café.

Räbbstugeforsen, Ramsele
When the Ramsele power plant was built between 1953 and 1958, about 7 kilometers of the Faxälven dried up. Räbbstugeforsen became a “dead fall” and hundreds of so-called giant potholes were released from the eddies of the water. The phenomenon can be studied in the old river channel after a stretch of 200 meters. The pots are up to 2.5 meters in diameter and equally deep.

Kvinnominne, Lärkvägen 1, Näsåker
A unique museum about women and goddesses. As it says on the website: “After a thousand years of silence” as the exhibition is called, leads the visitor into another world, into a bygone era… to the time before the Bible was written. It is a debate exhibition that brings out the hidden and almost forbidden women’s history.”

Bowlingen, Länsmansvägen 6, Junsele
Strike a strike with your friends or challenge a friend.

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