20 favorites in the High Coast

1. Skuleberget

Skuleberget, Docksta

You can get up here on foot along one of the paths, or up the rock face along the via ferrata trails. At the top, 295 m above sea level, you can enjoy an incomparable view and coffee or lunch in the Toppstugan when it is open (check with Friluftsbyn). Don’t miss the cave along the path up from Rastplats Skuleberget at E4. There you also visit Naturum Höga Kusten.

2. Slåttdalsberget

Skuleskogens nationalpark

As if by a giant’s sword cut, Slåttdalsberget is split apart by the 30 meter deep and seven meter wide Slåttdalsskrevan. From Entré Syd you walk about 3.5 kilometers. Turn right after the bend and take the road over Slåttdalsberget back. Then you get the High Coast’s most powerful view of the World Heritage Site.

3. Norrfällsviken



A leisure paradise in the heart of the High Coast! Everything is here: camping, 18-hole golf course, swimming pool, shop, restaurants and more in an over 350-year-old fishing village with red boathouses. Wonderful, long sandy beach and mighty cobblestone fields.

4. Indalsälvens delta


One of Sweden’s largest coastal deltas and also one of the youngest, created by a human-caused natural disaster in 1796. The delta, which is today a nature reserve, consists of sand over 60 meters deep and it is constantly changing. Rich bird life. Top area for swimming and easily accessible hiking.

5. Nämforsens ROCK CARVINGS


Sweden’s absolute largest petroglyph site (second in Europe) with 2,595 preserved petroglyphs, the oldest 6,000 years old. Nämforsen’s roaring water, high nips and museum next door.

6. Flataklocken

Munksjöbyn, Torpshammar

Sweden’s geographical center is at an altitude of 465 meters in the municipality of Ånge. From here you are close to nature and have a fantastic view of the Ljungandalen valley. Feel free to take a break at the summer-open cafe.


E4, Hornön/Veda

Sweden’s most beautiful bridge, and one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. From the parking lot at Hotell Höga Kusten you have the most powerful view of the gateway to the Norrland expanses. Inaugurated in 1997.

8. Västanåfallet & Mjällån


Sweden’s second highest waterfall plunges in tiers just over 90 meters down towards the old mill in Västanå, where in summer you will find a visitor centre, shop and cafe. But the entire valley around Mjällån is an experience with nips, ravines, magical nature and a stream channel that meanders through the forest.


HEMSÖN, Härnösand

Whether you are attracted by the secret military base inside the mountain or just want to enjoy the High Coastal View – this is where you should go. Newly built restaurant offers the worst panorama so the weather doesn’t play a big role. Car ferry across the Sannasundet runs several times an hour.

10. Mannaminne

Häggvik, Nordingrå

An open-air museum and work of art created by the artist Anders Åberg (1945–2018). In the area there are roughly 50 buildings from all over the world and from different eras. There are also several smaller special museums here – from the World Heritage Museum to
The Museum of Bureaucracy!

11. Junsele djurpark / Zoo


Everyone has their own favorites among the animals at Junsele Zoo. Many want to see moose, loons and bears, others fall head over heels for lemurs, meerkats and kangaroos. But EVERYONE wants to see the main act, Sweden’s only white tigers!

12. Ulvön


The pearl of the Bothnian Sea is isolated in the coastal belt, about an hour and a half boat ride from the mainland. In summer, the well-preserved old fishing village of Ulvöhamn in the strait between northern and southern Ulvön is transformed into a vibrant center for archipelago life on the High Coast. Boat traffic daily during the summer from Köpmanholmen, Docksta, Ullånger and Mjällomslandet.

13. Högbonden


Sweden’s highest lighthouse 75 meters above sea level and is a powerful experience. Commissioned in 1909. Högbonden is also an island and a nature reserve of 347 hectares, of which 88 hectares comprise land.

14. Trysunda


Perhaps the most beautiful island in the entire High Coast. A picturesque and well-preserved fishing location with a chapel from the 17th century, several bathing bays, lookout point and service facilities.

15. Smitingen


One of Norrland’s best sea baths that not only attracts sun and swimming fans. At Smitingen you will also find paths that lead to raukars, giant cauldrons, moving blocks and the cobblestone field Borsmalen with its mythical cave. In recent years, there has also been a well-visited pop-up campsite at Smitingen. News, in 2023 the French Huttopia signed a 35-year agreement to develop Smitingen. Huttopia is a French-owned camping company that has operations on three continents with over 60 facilities.

16. High Coast Art Valley

Nätradalen, Örnsköldsvik

FOTO: ©hk dest

A series of works of art, several in monumental format, which are located in a valley near Örnsköldsvik. A strange cultural experience that harmonizes with and underlines the magnificence of the world heritage.

17. Alnön


Volcano island outside Sundsvall, which is lined with bathing coves and small towns. 15 km long, 6 km wide and the country’s sixteenth largest island. For eight years, the Alnö Bridge with its 1,042 meters was the country’s longest, before the Öland Bridge was inaugurated.

19. Gustav Adolfs kyrka


Gustav Adolf’s church was completed in 1894. Before today’s church, there were previously three churches. The first was a wooden church, which was built in the latter part of the 1620s. It was located by Selångersån at Åkroken, where Mittuniversitet is located today.
The picture was taken from Norra Berget.

20. Skallbergsgrottorna

Gideå, Örnsköldsvik

Unique 8,000-year-old cave system of a total of 230 meters in the nature reserve Skallberget where exploration is facilitated by ladders and platforms. ATTENTION! Cave crawling is not for everyone! The cave system is completely dark and in places very crowded. Bring a helmet, headlamp, comfortable clothes and company.

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