City guide – High Coast North

North of Örnsköldsvik is the area which is now its own destination; High Coast North.


Bergöns Stugby
Eight cottages with six beds each in a location close to the sea. You can get here both by car and boat.

Mosjön’s camping & cottage village
Right by the E4, with both swimming, fishing opportunities, track golf and a restaurant.

Hotel & Restaurant Björnen, Bruksvägen 90, Husum
Simple and affordable rooms in the middle of society.

Gideågården, Skolärarvägen 3, Gideå
Parking spaces for both caravans and mobile homes.

Pitches for both caravans and mobile homes.


Eggboden in Banafjäl, väg 1088, Arnäsvall
Eggs, pork, potatoes and flat bread are sold here.

Fröken Grön, Bruksvägen 122, Husum
Flowers and gifts.

Second Hand, Bruksvägen 90, Husum
Both a valued bargain shop and meeting place.


Fiskevistet, Skeppsmalen
Restaurant where you can, among other things, order sourströmming pizza!

Mia’s, Torget, Husum
Ice cream, sausages and coffee.

Restaurant & Pizzeria Rio, Bruksvägen 118, Husum
Also with full rights.

See & do

Laxtinan & Spegeldammen in Gidböle
Look, have a coffee & feel the peace.

Mosjön Boulder area
at Lilla Mosjön. Climb the rock blocks that are up to 4.5 m high.

Disc golf in Husum
21 holes. An 18-hole loop plus three more difficult holes on the other side of Husån.

Puttoms Golf Course, Ovansjö 232, Arnäsvall
Örnsköldsvik’s first golf club which is situated in a beautiful natural setting.

Salusands havsbad
One of Norrland’s longest sandy beaches which is also popular with surfers.

The Skallberg caves
260 meters above sea level with paths and a fascinating cave system.

Skagsudde & Skeppsmalen
Charming fishing village, lighthouse, chapel from the 17th century, surströmming museum (!)

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