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Many of the major tourist destinations in the High Coast were founded some 10,000 years ago. In just under ten years, accuracy, stubbornness and noses have created two new tourist magnets. Hernö Gin and the whiskey manufacturer High Coast Destillery are now internationally acclaimed for receiving even more visitors.

Herno Gin Cocktail Awards 2018 winner Slamet Haryadi (pictured above) usually works at M Bar, Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong. This year, the competition will be held on August 24th. Bartenders from ten countries make up the world’s best Herno Gin drink. You can be in place if you want.


Had anyone fifteen years ago claimed that two world-class distilleries would establish themselves just a few miles apart in the High Coast, the person in question would probably have become very lax. Gin and whiskey? In Ångermanland? Hardly!
Fortunately, there were enthusiasts who believed and worked instead of shaking their heads.
In 2010, Box whiskey, today High Coast Distillery, started at Ångermanälven’s beach in Marieberg. 2011 Hernö Gin was founded in Dala outside Härnösand.
The rest is taste history.

Box / High Coast Distillery made an early success with the experts with its powerful single malt whiskey and Hernö Gin is the most praised gin manufacturer in recent years internationally. And with awards, high marks and rising sales figures, the interest in the production itself has also increased considerably.
– It is very clear. Interest is increasing more and more each year, and many foreign guests are also starting to do so, ”says Carolin Olson at High Coast Distillery’s visitor center.
The company does its best to meet the great curiosity. The visitor center on a hill right next to the actual distillery is open this summer every day from 1 June to 25 August and a large parking lot for motorhomes and caravans is ready just before the tourist season. In addition, we invest heavily in the annual festival which will be held this year on 28-29 June.

Hernö Gin put the shovel in the ground for his brand new visitor center last winter and aims to double its total area with the building. Just before the distillery’s annual and very well-attended open house day on June 30, the new premises will be inaugurated.
– It will be a preview you can say because there remains some work inside, says Johan Wester at Hernö Gin. But in the future, we aim to be open to drop-in visitors, cafés, more events and also other types of events than we have today.
At the end of the summer, it will be the premiere for the new visitor center as Hernö Gin Cocktail Awards is settled in Dala. Fifteen bartenders from all over the world face a crowd of about 200 people.
Until then, Hernö Gin offers tours and tests for groups and you will also have test days when individual visitors can register.

High Coast Distillery

FIND High Coast Distillery is located on the eastern side of Ångermanälven in Kramfors municipality. Drive road 334 to Kungsgården, from there it is signposted to the distillery.
WATCH 2–3 guided tours daily during the summer.
TASTE The distillery organizes tests for parties with at least 10 people. The first Saturday of each month, however, tests are held which you can register for without being a complete company.
AND MORE? The Visitor Center has a shop, serves coffee, lunch and a few days a week also dinner. The High Coast Whiskey Festival is held this year on June 28-29 with food, meetings, Moneybrother on stage and lots of unique tests. Read more about the High Coast Distillery and the festival at


FIND Hernö Gin is located about 10 kilometers west of Härnösand. Take road 718 towards Stigsjö and Viksjö. Turn right in Locke where it is signposted to the distillery.
WATCH Pre-book visits on
TASTE The distillery organizes gin tests and other theme tests for companions with at least 10 people. A small number of open tests for single visitors will also be carried out.
AND MORE? The international cocktail competition Hernö Gin Cocktail Awards is held at the distillery in Dala on August 24 with food, Sweden’s bartender elite in the bar, entertainment and international bartenders from ten countries competing on stage. Read more about Hernö Gin at

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