The High Coast’s Good Drinks

Taste the High Coast! Here, the flavors are as rich and varied as the landscape and there are lots of unique products to choose from. Why not black currant juice rewarded with silver in food crafts last year, an American (!) Pale Ale and well-seasoned schnapps from Sundsvall. Or why not try the world’s best gin?

Skogens sköna gröna


One of the company bestsellers is Gran Zirup, a maple syrup-like story that gets a very distinctive taste of spruce chips (!). But one can do more of the forest and that is what “Skogens beautiful green” does. Why not test the award-winning “Älvdrottingsaft” made on meadowsweet – appreciated “adult juice”.


High Coast Whisky

Bjärtrå, Kramfors

The disused power plant Box at Ångermanälven has become a whiskey distillery whose reputation has spread far beyond the country’s borders. After a name change, the High Coast Whiskey now stands on the bottles, which are sought after by many whiskey lovers. Distillery signature Dálvve is now available in most of Systembolaget’s stores.


Mitt skafferi

Alnö, Sundsvall

Glögg Queen Ulla Lahti can do this by turning the finest flavors out of our Norrland berries. Four times, her non-alcoholic, craft-produced mulled wine varieties have been praised for SM in food crafts. Also test one of her other products. For example, the drink mixes Summer Fling, Woodstock or Coffee cuckoo. Or maybe apple juice.


Vasa Bryggeri


The company calls itself with pride for nostalgia brewery and in the product catalog there are mainly old soft drink classics like Citronil, Guldus, Loranga, Vira blåtira and Pomril. And not least the soda, which together with Trocadero had a slightly unique status just in Norrland – the gruesome and lovely Portello.




Family company that in coffee shop, restaurant and at the juice rollers has emphatically proved that you really grasp this with flavors. There are plenty to choose from, but if you want to give away a really good drink then why not bet on blackcurrant juice, most recently praised with silver at the SM in food crafts 2018.


Bröderna Bommen


The handicraft brewery Bröderna Bommen was expanded with a distillery with the aim of making vodka on malt from the brewery. In the autumn of 2018 the first vodka came and in December, the seasoned Sundsvall’s schnapps were released with the taste of star anise, juniper and lemon.


Hernö Gin


The world’s northernmost and best gin distillery! The international prices just hail over the manufacturer in Dala west of Härnösand. Several standard varieties are available today in Systembolaget’s fixed range, including the remarkable and powerful Hernö Juniper Cask, which has been stored for 30 days on a barrel of wood by juniper (!). Dry and hardy taste initially, but it grows and widens with citrus and herb tones. An experience.


Lockeby Bryggeri


Next door to fast-growing Hernö Gin is the micro brewery Lockeby Brewery which works on a clearly smaller scale but with the same high level of ambition and the same belief in the importance of the craft. American pale ale “High summer day” is a well-tempered and well-balanced beer to enjoy – well, for example, a high summer day.


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