The High Coast’s best sea bath

Beautiful sea baths with fine-grained sand and clear water can be found in many places along the coast. Here you get tips for some of the best!


Polished rock slabs
KRAMFORS Here you will find extensive rock slabs perfect for sun and sea bathers on a warm day when the sea is calm. Rotsidan is a nature reserve along a four kilometer stretch. The washed-out cliffs are easy to walk on and the area is relatively child-friendly – ​​when there is no wind, the waves that wash over the rocks drive up the waves.
Don’t miss: In the fishing village of Barsta a little further north there is a campsite and shop. From here you can go out to the island of Högbonden with its famous lighthouse, hostel and cafe.


Höga Kusten’s real playa
HÄRNÖSAND Wonderful bathing bay with a deep, large sandy beach and a small cafe, just a few kilometers from the center of Härnösand. For small children, there is a small stream that attracts games. A pathway with flagstones leads all the way to the beach. Barbecue area and several beach volleyball nets. The area is a nature reserve with paths to tunnel caves, raukas, large boulders, cobblestone fields and giant craters, so there is a lot to see. Don’t miss the handicap-friendly path to Klubbsjön, where you can also swim. Large car park which gets packed on hot days. Smitingen is one of Norrland’s best places for wave surfing.
Don’t miss: Klubbsjöberget with high coastal views, the large “onion cave” and the barbecue area by Gånsviken.

Smitingen, Härnösand


Take the car ferry to the beach
HÄRNÖSAND Out by Prästhushamn on the outside of Hemsön lies Sågsand with a fine sandy beach.
Don’t miss: Hemsö fortress with a super view and the nicest restaurant. On the north-eastern side of the island there are lovely bathing cliffs. Tricky to get there – but worth the trouble!


Ribbed bottom of course
TIMRÅ Clear water, beautiful view and fine sand and lovely ribbed sand bottom. There is a warm lagoon here, perfect for children. Many summer cottages to consider.
Don’t miss: Drive out to Åstön. There you will find more baths and a boat harbor with a small fishing museum and chapel. Have coffee or eat at the Portercafé right by the bridge.


Sundsvall’s little Hawaii
SUNDSVALL Out on Alnö is Tranviken, once called Norrland’s Riviera. Although it is not a fair name today, it is a really nice swimming beach.
Don’t miss: Alnö has more swimming beaches, for example at the Stornäset nature reserve on the north of the island with a slightly more secluded beach. Alnö old church dating from the 12th century and wonderful wall paintings. Visit the archipelago pub with the romantic name Vindhem in southern Alnö.


A quiet idyll
NORA . Norabygden is one of the High Coast’s most idyllic but at the same time “undiscovered” areas and here Hörsångs havsbad & camping (many also use the name Hårsang) is a charming place. Calm, child-friendly.
Don’t miss: The Högakustenleden runs near the bath. Hiking and swimming are thus a perfect combination here.


Camping and the great sea
SUNDSVALL Right next to the E4 with a lovely sand revel out to the cliff headland and modern camping. Endless sea view.
Don’t miss: The preserved industrial environment at Svartvik a few kilometers to the south.


Sandy ridges and rocks
KRAMFORS Storsand with its smooth and smooth, shallow sandy beach is surrounded by barren High Coast nature with giant cobblestone fields and mountains in pink rapakivi granite, Nordingra granite which is typical of the High Coast. The entire area is a nature reserve. In addition, all other conveniences are within easy reach in Norrfällsviken: camping, shop, restaurants, golf course and more. The fishing location dates back to the 17th century.
Don’t miss: The western half of the beach is naturist bathing.


Here river and sea meet
TIMRÅ Smackgrundet is slightly hidden at the mouth of the Indalsälven in the delta. You walk on disabled-friendly paths, ledges and bridges out to the kilometre-long sandy beach. Here you can work on your tan in the white spots because the northern part is an official naturist bath.
Don’t miss: Bengt Lindström’s gigantic Y at the E4 exit. Opened again after renovation and here you will find, among other things, a playground, cafe and tourist information.


Sand and adventure golf
ÖRNSKÖLDSVIK Sea bath with nice beach and large campsite. Therefore, you will find all the amenities such as mini life, fun mini golf course, restaurant and swimming pool in the area.
Don’t miss: Ögeltjärn nature reserve is right next door. From the top of the 91 meter high Ögeltjärnsberget you get a very nice view of sea and land.


ÖRNSKÖLDSVIK Köpmanholmen’s sea bath is suitable for all ages. Disabled toilet, play equipment, wind protection, barbecue area and a large parking lot. Long shallow.
Don’t miss: From Köpmanholmen you go out to the islands of Trysunda and Ulvön with m/f Ulvön. On the islands you will find even more fantastic beaches and cliffs to enjoy. Swim calmly.


Farthest in Sundsvall
SUNDSVALL . The longest and most popular sea beach in Sundsvall municipality. An oasis for campers and bathers. Bergafjärden is extremely shallow due to the fact that the Ljungan opened here several thousand years ago.
Don’t miss: The adventure golf course with, among other things, bridges and water hazards.

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