The Gourmet Coast

Sometimes it is the food that is the goal of the trip and sometimes it is the environment, the view and the nature that makes the dining experience unforgettable. Here is a selection of good restaurants and nice places to get to for a bite to eat.

1. En Liten Krog, Trädgårdsgatan 5, Sundsvall
Included in the latest edition of White Guide and highest rating of all restaurants in Sundsvall according to Tripadvisor. Straight and honest food and family atmosphere go home!

2. Skatans café & krog. Skatan, Njurunda
Here you eat well right next to the water and the boats. Go for food mainly from the sea here. Open all days this summer!

3. Invito, Storgatan 6–8, Sundsvall
A successful traffic accident between Italian and Northern Ireland. If you ask for a suitable place for a fine dinner in Sundsvall, many locals point to Invito.

4. APA, Trädgårdsgatan 3, Härnösand
Newly established restaurant in completely renovated room next to the square. Super friendly meeting place with robust burgers on the menu and wide beer selection.

5. Rå, Nybrogatan 16, Sundsvall
Good restaurant that serves well-made small dishes in a mellow and pleasant environment. Very good and popular bar!

6. Bar de Ménageri, Storgatan 33, Sundsvall
Part of the concept that includes the restaurants Kung Louie and Apa. Here you get a good cocktail or hang in the cavabar!

7. Vindhem, Alnö
Archipelago hull in the sailing paradise on southern Alnö. A lot of fish and shrimp on the à la carte menu, but also other. Nice environment near the water and the boats.

8. Salteriet, Junibodsand
Nice environment in the old fishing village. Here are the sandwiches and tapas on the menu. Simple food, but ambitious and often with a little twist. Focus on fish do we not even need to mention?

9. Portercaféet, Åstön
Great food and nice atmosphere guaranteed. Archipelago food with seafood feels like a bell on idyllic Åstön.

10. Väggivägg, Brunnshusgatan 1, Härnösand
Wall to wall with Sankt Petri Logen is located – Väggivägg, a really reliable supplier of good food experiences. Well-prepared food, preferably based on locally grown or caught ingredients, and good atmosphere.

11. Toppstugan, Härnösand
A la carte restaurant in the small format that makes many classic dishes really good. Nice environment and absolutely unbeatable views from Vårdkasberget.

12. Hemsö Fästning, Hemsön, Härnösand
Bright and open restaurant adjacent to the old defense facility that has become a tourist destination. Great view!

13. Mat & Nostalgi, Viksjö
Café and hamburger in a recreated country store from the 1950s / 1960s. Time typical and well maintained in the smallest detail. An experience!

14. Hotell Höga Kusten, Nyadal
With a perfect location at the High Coast Bridge’s fountain and the mouth of the “Ångermanälven”-river, you eat a better dinner, feast or take an ice cream. Fantastic view!

15. Gårdsbutiken, Själand, Nordingrå
Very much appreciated place that defines the menu as “genuine bean food and spicy dishes with exotic touch”. White Guide recommended! Or is it allowed to be a bit of homemade bread in the pastry?

16. Högbondens Trädgårdscafé, Högbonden
A boat trip to Högbonden on a sunny day is like a quick detoxification from stress hormones. A coffee in the small garden at the four-guard house is pure luxury. Also serves food. Opens in July.

17. 3 Gröna Rum, Hyndtjärn
Viewing garden Fraxinus summer restaurant is an inspiring experience. Here floats garden and houses, inside and out, together.

18. Fiskarfänget, Norrfällsviken
Classic hook right by the water in the fishing village Norrfällsviken. The archipelago buffet is a great seller.

19. Österåsens hälsohem, Österås, Sollefteå
The restaurant at the old sanatorium serves vegetarian, with the addition of fish. The whole facility and surroundings are an experience.

20. Toppstugan, Skuleberget
Both coffee and whole meals are served in the rustic top cabin. Wonderful views – from here you see virtually all the landmarks in the High Coast! The lift stands still this summer, hear if Toppstugan is open!

21. Gastrocafé Skuleberget, Skule
Nice selection with organic coffee, ice cream, sandwiches and cakes but also light food with a Norrland touch in the Naturum High Coast at the foot of Skuleberget.

22. Ulvö Hotell, Ulvöhamn
At newly renovated and built coastal pearl Ulvö Hotell you are happy to eat. The kitchen is happy to choose locally produced. The archipelago buffet with over 50 dishes is a classic!

23. Trysunda
Take the archipelago ferry and have lunch in the well-preserved fishing village on the island which has been designated Sweden’s most beautiful. Amazing scenery, amazing peace!

24. Strutsfarmen, Gerdal
Here you get big pippi on the plate! Test the restaurant’s ready-made ostrich menus or select from the á la carte menu. About 15 kilometers from Örnsköldsvik.

25. Linnéa & Peter, Fabriksgatan 12B, Örnsköldsvik
Family-friendly, friendly – and really damn good! The little fine-tavern Linnéa & Peter keeps high quality year after year and now attracts long-distance guests to the tables in central Örnsköldsvik.

26. Brygghuset, Nattviken, Härnösand
Dream location at Nattviken in central Härnösand. Good lunches on the wooden deck daytime and high quality à la carte evening time. Read more about Brygghuset here »

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