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The 11 best in the children’s world

Are the kids full of energy? Then this is where you want to go...

1. Water park


Waterland so it suffices all day. Try surfing at Himlabadet (choir to Sweden’s best water park 2018) in Sundsvall and Magic Eye at Paradiset in Örnsköldsvik – Sweden’s longest water slide, 180 meters!

2. Playground


At Leos Lekland in Birsta, Sundsvall, and BaaZinga in Arnäs Shopping Center in Örnsköldsvik, children can play.

3. Freemovr


Parkour, Freejumping, Cheerleading, Calisthenics, Street Workout, Tricking, Tumbling and much more … What is this about? One can perhaps call it a sports center for new sports. Check the website

4. Technichus Science Center


Inspirational nonsense should teach young people more about technology and science.

5. Norra Berget


Cultural history, dining, shops, playgrounds, barbecue areas and arrangements attract old and young. And goats, kittens, mountain cows … and vipers!

6. Playground


At Hotell Höga Kusten you will find a nice playground. It will be a perfect resting place for the whole family with superb views, a shop, a restaurant and a café, and not least toilets.

7. Drakstaden Skatepark


The Dragon City Skatepark in Sundsvall is a meeting place where sports skateboarding, BMX and inline skating are practiced. Skateboard and BMX are available for rent.

8. Södra Berget Tarzanstig


The Tarzan trail is a mile-long adventure trail with various balancing and climbing activities related to Sundsvall’s history. Along Tarzanstigen there is also a shelter with barbecue area and outdoor shower.

9. Sollefteå Camping


Do you want to drive karting, biking BMX or sliding on Ångerman-river in a canoe? Go to Sollefteå Camping! Here you will find Sweden’s highest independent climbing tower, pool and much more.

10. Junsele Zoo


Lemurs, bears, camels, tigers and other animals can be found in the Junsele zoo. In addition, amusement park, restaurant and camping with activities.

11. Källarbackens Saga


In Sidensjö-forest, a path winds its way where different fairytale environments are constructed. Exciting environment for the smallest with animals and cafe. Open 25/6 to 11/8.



Exciting mountains with cave, playground, Via Ferrata, Nature room, restaurant, water and toilets.

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