Foto: Fjällräven
Foto: Fjällräven

Nice business

For many, holidays and shopping go hand in hand. And not just rainy days. Here in The High Coast you get a shopping experience among specialty shops, factory sales and not least in Norrland’s most popular shopping paradise in Birsta.

Naturkompaniet Outlet

The fact that shopping and holidays belong together has strong evidence in Naturkompaniet in Själevad which is Örnsköldsvik’s largest tourist magnet and Sweden’s largest outdoor shop. This is the outdoor fans’ Ullared with quality goods for all types of outdoor life. Here you will find almost all products from Fjällräven (which was founded here in Örnsköldsvik and the store is actually Fjällräven’s old factory) and a lot of goods from some of the world’s leading manufacturers of outdoor equipment. That there are also great opportunities to make bargains among the store’s outlet goods makes the store a must for it in search of clothes, backpacks, tents, fishing equipment or just want to check out nice gadgets. Prästgatan 31, Själevad

Docksta Skofabrik (shoe factory)

Dockstaslippers have been manufactured for almost 100 years and are constantly attracting new customer groups. In the factory right next to the E4 in Docksta, in the middle of the world heritage site Höga Kusten (four kilometers south of Örnsköldsvik and seven miles north of Härnösand), production is still carried out by hand. It makes each shoe unique. In the same building there is the factory shop where you will find the classic models Gunilla and Patrik and the “luxury variant” Brogues, designed by praised design curator Mats Theselius. Docksta Shoes has a close cooperation with Tärnsjö Garveri, Jobs handtryck and Växbo Lin and compared to the webshop you will find more colors on the shoe models in the shop in Docksta. A bit cheaper too. Kartongvägen 2, Docksta

Birsta Köpcentrum (shopping mall)

More than four million visitors, then may not Birsta be wrong? Now, and besides, Birsta City along the E4 just north of Sundsvall has several times been named one of Sweden’s most popular shopping centers. This is the shopping paradise number one in Norrland. The closest neighbor is Ikea, Sweden’s fourth who celebrated 50 this year and around there are “everything”, all major and smaller chains such as Biltema, Jysk, the horse sports store Hööks, golf specialist Dormy Golf, XXL, Stadium Outlet, Lager 157, Elgiganten, Systembolaget … yes , you understand … Food experiences you can also find, and a hearty brunch at Ikea. Also Andys Lekland for the kids. Turn off and check out, for example, newly opened Åhlens Outlet, one in five in Sweden and one in Norrland.

Mjälloms Tunnbröd (flatbread)

You are in thin bread country! Tunnbrödet’s first story goes to track down here to the High Coast. It was in the small village Mjällom that Sweden’s oldest thin-bread bakery, Mjällom’s Tunnbröd, started in 1923. The bakery is now housed in Ullånger, at E4. Here you will find a visitor center where you can learn more about the backyard. In the store you buy crispy bread rolls at factory prices and also other products from the High Coast. In addition, you can register for a flat bread course. The price includes the actual baking experience, self-baked bread cakes and a picnic basket with coffee, juice and butter. Then just enjoy the green grass. From this year you will also find Emma Skafferi here, with success crusts in all the flavors. Industrivägen 10, Ullånger

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