Ice cream in large loads

Good coffee is good, and there is also plenty of good coffee on the High Coast during the summer months. Treat yourself to a detour to classic patisseries or small gems open on weekends.

Smulans Glass & Café
Re:Store, Köpmangatan 6, Härnösand
Sandwiches, salads and pies. The biggest success is Smulan’s ice cream, which many “locals” have taken to their hearts. Here, there is sustainability thought in every piece of food that is produced. Vegan or vegetarian of course. Super good coffee! Opened in 2022 in RE:store Höga Kusten.

Sundbrogatan 29, Ullånger
She has swept home a whole series of SM gold with her food craft, is recommended by the taste connoisseurs’ bible White Guide and sells crusty bread to Italy. You will also love Skogs-Hilda.

Virriga Bakverk
Carlsvikspiren, Alnön, Sundsvall
The White Guide-awarded cafe serves light lunches and sells soft ice cream, but it is for the sweets that guests make the pilgrimage to Carlsvikspiren. Resourceful, well made and very tasty!

Café Charm
Rederigatan 40, Sundsvall
Charm has five branches in Sundsvall, but in the summer time a drop by the water is always tempting, and then Charm is nicely located in the Inner Harbour, right next to Sundsvall’s guest harbour. An ice cream or a lunch at the outdoor terrace perhaps?

Tullportens konditori
Storgatan 10, Härnösand
Self-evident meeting place in Härnösand since 1940. Everything from sandwiches and light lunch dishes to classic pastry creations. The interior is the exact opposite of white and stripped down.

Ulvöbyns Café & Bistro
Ulvö hamngata, Ulvöhamn
When you go to a café and suddenly feel like you’re in someone’s home, it’s almost always a good thing. And so it is. Personal, crowded, fun – and very good. Open from mid-June.

Bruksgodset, Flärke.
Agriculture that has become a ceramics workshop, conference room, cafe, and pleasant meeting place. Warm and welcoming atmosphere in the cafe, which is open every day during the summer

Lasarettsgatan 9, Örnsköldsvik
Classic café and meeting place in a central location. The most legendary feature on the menu, which is now also available in several different variants, is the pepper sandwich. A tea cake with salad and minced meat sauce with a pepper mixture from Africa.

Café Petter
Storgatan 43
Fun and very personal café in an older wooden building in central Sollefteå. Homemade bread, odd cups and friendly staff. If you think all coffee shops are the same these days, pop in here and enjoy!

Torrom 701, Noraström
Beekeeping with a nice cafe open in summer with exciting home-baked creations where much is based on honey. Beautiful garden with many perennials. As a rule, open on weekends in July and half of August.

Stenstan’s café & bakery
Trädgårdsgatan 22, Sundsvall.
Classic patisserie with a lot to choose from. The hearty sandwiches are form 1A, but the sweets – in the form of cakes, pastries, cookies and much more – are not left out. Try!

Bönhamns brygga, Bönhamn
You can find simple food and coffee in the fishing village of Bönhamn’s gästhamn, a stone’s throw from the Högakustenleden. Bönhamn is one of the High Coast’s real gems. Summer open from June 6 onwards.

Tant Anci & Fröken Sara
Bankgatan 10, Sundsvall
Homey place with locally produced, organic and healthy food and a rich selection of home baked goods. Personal decoration and good service are also pluses. Noticed in the White Guide.

Centraltorget 22, Ånge
Café with pastries from Bageri Kringlan and simpler lunches. All bread is baked from scratch using good ingredients.

NC Café & Lunchbar Kramfors
Café with pastries, sandwiches and dishes in the middle of Limstagatan in Kramfors. Outdoor seating.

City Café
Kyrkogatan 18, Sundsvall
A real institution in Sundsvall with over 120 under its belt, and still one of the city’s most popular cafés. Small but very homely place and hearty coffee.

Timrå Gårdsbutik,
Lilla Bandsjön 303
Four kilometers west of Timrå is this little gem run by energetic owners. Restaurant and cafe with homemade and home baked goods. In addition, a home furnishing store and an animal boarding house(!). Cozy!

Wästerlunds Konditori
Betaniabacken 1, Lunde
K-marked classic at the southern end of the Sandö Bridge where the interior from the 1950s has remained untouched. A wonderful trip back in time that is accompanied by both food and a classic pastry selection. Open every day in summer.

Lundbergs bröd
Nygatan 35, Örnsköldsvik
Cafe with nice old-fashioned decor and good, affordable coffee. Here, as the name suggests, bread is available in all forms, from breakfast rolls and hearty sandwiches to cakes and pastries.

Centrumgatan 6, Matfors
Härbakat, they call it. Homemade, we say. In the summer, there are ice cream menus that are as tasty as they are beautiful. In addition, some interior items for sale, in the same industrial style as the rest of the premises.

Berg & Hjorts Glassbar
Medborgargatan 35, SUNDSVALL
Berg & Hjort Ice Cream Bar offers one hundred percent homemade ice cream with first-class ingredients. The milk comes from cows that ate grass in Sundsvall, the pineapple is fresh, the coconut is grated from a real coconut. All sorbets are completely dairy-free – vegan-safe.

Unnviksvägen 6, Söråker (TIMRÅ)
Sit down on the veranda right next to the Tinderö Sound and enjoy a coffee or a bite to eat and watch the boats glide by from almost an arm’s length away. Färjas Brygga is a small restaurant but with a great passion for fresh ingredients in season.

Glassbaronen Ullånger
Ice cream paradise with outdoor seating, in the middle of the village. Also waffles, sandwiches and pastries.

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