High Coast’s Best Beaches!

Beautiful beaches with fine sand and clear water can be found in many places along the coast. Here are tips for some of the best! In addition: solar thermal baths, pools, lakes, a rapids and a spa.


The real playa of the High Coast


Wonderful bathing bay with deep, large sandy beach and a small café, just a few kilometers from the center of Härnösand. For toddlers there is a small stream that attracts games. Once with stone slabs leads all the way to the beach. Barbecue area and several beach volleyball networks can keep you occupied. The area is a nature reserve with paths to tunnel caves, gorges, large relocation blocks, pebble stones and giant potholes, so there is much to discover. Do not miss the handicap-friendly path to Lake Klubbsjön, where you can also swim. Large parking which is still packed with hot days.

Don’t miss: Klubbsjöberget with fantastic High Coast views, the large “onion cave” and the barbecue area at Gånsviken.


Take the car ferry out to the beach


Outside at Prästhushamn on the outside of Hemsön lies Sågsand with a fine sand beach.

Don’t miss: Hemsö fortress with super views and the best looking restaurant. On the northeastern side of the island there are lovely bathing cliffs. Trixly find it – but worth it!


Here the river and sea meet

TIMRÅ Smackgrundet is a little hidden at the mouth of the Indalsälven in the delta. You walk on paths, footpaths and bridges out to the kilometer-long little coarse-grained sandy beach. Here you can work on the tan in the white places because the northern part is official naturist bath.

Don’t miss: The Y: the artist Bengt Lindström’s giant Y at the exit on E4. But it’s almost impossible to do.


Clear water and ribbed bottom

TIMRÅ Clear water, beautiful view and fine sand and wonderfully grooved sand bottom. Here is a small warm lagoon, perfect for children. There are many summer cottages in the area to take into account.

Don’t miss: out on Åstön. There you will find more baths and Skepphamn with small fishing museum and chapel. Lunch or eat at Porter Café right by the bridge.


Sundsvall little Hawaii

SUNDSVALL Out on Alnö lies Tranviken with a small simple camping and nice beach hang. A pool, shop, mini golf course and restaurant with “full rights” and one and the same music performance mean that the holiday feeling easily comes in. \ T

Don’t miss: Alnö has several beaches on the east side. At Stornäsets nature reserve on the northern island there is a slightly more solitary beach. Alnö old church dating back to the 12th century and wonderful murals. Archipelago with the romantic name Vindhem on southern Alnö, fine food right at a wonderful marina.


Camping and magnificent sea

SUNDSVALL Yes, would it not be for E4 a few hundred meters up … But fantastic sand revel out to the cliff edge and modern camping, with endless sea views.

Don’t miss: The preserved industrial environment at Svartvik a few kilometers south.


Sandnor and barren rocks

KRAMFORS Storsand with its lena and smooth, shallow sandy beach is surrounded by barren High Coast nature with gigantic pebble stones and mountains in pink rapakivigranit, north-raw granite that is typical of the High Coast. The whole area is a nature reserve. In addition, all other comforts are within easy reach in Norrfällsviken: camping, shop, restaurants, golf course and more. The fishing village dates back to the 17th century.

Don’t miss: The western half of the beach is a naturist bath.


Sanded rocks

KRAMFORS Here you will find vast cliffs that are perfect for sun and sea baths on a hot day when the sea is calm. The rock side is a nature reserve along a four-kilometer stretch. The rocky slopes by the sea are easy going and the area is relatively child-friendly – when winds do not drive up the waves that flush over the rocks.

Don’t miss: In the fishing village Barsta a little further north there is camping and shop. From here you can reach the island Högbonden with its famous lighthouse, hostel and café.


Nice sand and adventure golf

ÖRNSKÖLDSVIK Sea bath with nice beach and big camping. Therefore, you will find all amenities such as mini market, fun mini golf course, restaurant and pool in the area.

Don’t miss: Ögeltjärns nature reserve is right next door. From the top of the 91 meter high Ögeltjärnsberget you get a very nice view of the sea and land.


Child-friendly and shallow

ÖRNSKÖLDSVIK Köpmanholmens havsbad fits all ages. Disabled-adapted toilet, winch arrangements, wind shelter, barbecue area and a large parking. Shallow.

Don’t miss: From Köpmanholmen you go to the islands of Trysunda and Ulvön with m / f Ulvön. On the islands you will find even more fantastic beaches and cliffs to enjoy. Swim calmly.

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