Get knocked out by Nämforsen

Nämforsen is a place that affects the visitor with full force. Steep nips, a mighty shoot and, not least, Sweden’s largest rock carving site, together create a unique environment and a world-class cultural heritage. Here people have lived and worked for 6000 years.

Nämforsen is located in Näsåker just over 40 kilometers north of Sollefteå. It is on the slopes at Ångermanälven’s stream feeder that we find greetings from a northern hunter people. In total, about 2595 carved figures and lines have been found on the mainland and on the islands of Brådön and Notön in the rapids.
The figures depict, among other things, moose, man, boat, fish, feet, bear and weapons and are by far the largest single rock carving site in Sweden – and the second largest in Europe. The history of rock carvings and pouring paintings in the area can be found at Hällristningsmuseet, which is right next to the rapids, but don’t miss the chance to see some of the rock carvings in place. The imagination is gaining momentum when you squat over the hobs beside the roaring rapids and realize that right here someone was crouching and crouching in the figures you are now trying to tell.
The rock carving area is open every day and in summer time with the bright, northern summer nights, the experience is basically available 24 hours a day. If you want help finding the goodies and getting to know more about how the pictures should be interpreted then you can follow along on one of the two daily guided tours that are carried out during the summer months.
The scenery around Nämforsen is beautiful and the landscape closest to the river is very dramatic where steep nips, eroded sandy slopes, which plunge down to the water. A wonderful landscape of hiking or taking a picnic in. Right next to the rock carving area and the museum there is an appreciated camping and only a few hundred meters from there a nice bathing place in the river.

See and do at Nämforsen

Rock Carvings Museum. Open Tuesday – Sunday June 15 – August 15. The museum has two permanent exhibitions and also has a department for children where you can look and feel at newly made items made after prehistoric models. There is also a café and a tourist service

Guided tours. Start at the rock carving area on the north side of the river and walk on wooden bridges with railings. The trip takes about 30 minutes and no pre-registration is required.

Urkult. Fantastic folk party for all ages with music, food, workshops and activities. This year, August 1-3 will be held with artists such as Seinabo Sey, Emil Jensen, Mahotella Queens and Pussy Riot.

Nämforsens power plant. When the power plant was built in the 1940s, great consideration was given to environmental interests and the views of archaeologists. During the summer months, the power plant will allow 125 cubic meters of water per second to pass through the forests, creating a unique atmosphere in the area. The power plant has a drop height of 22 meters.

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