Food favorite takes no shortcuts

For the fifth year in a row, the Lustgården Restaurant in Själand is highlighted by the gourmet White Bible Guide.
The secret?
– We want to cook from scratch, with good local ingredients, says David Nilsson. Then there will also be high quality of what is served on the plate.

It sounds as easy as it goes without saying. Still, few restaurants that week out and week in, year after year manage to maintain such a uniform and high standard of cooking that Lustgården does.
But then David and his companions, fiance Anna and mother Berith, have never been tempted to depart from their original idea.
– We try to trim a little every year, but basically it is the same line that we have kept ever since the start. We start from the best raw materials that we can obtain locally and let it determine how the menu should look. I am very keen to highlight the producers who make sure we have such good raw materials to work with. We get fine herring and salmon, lamb and beef and potatoes of course.
What kind of food can guests expect from you?
– House-inspired “one can definitely say. I like this kind of food myself, simple and well-prepared, but I would like to develop the details.
Restaurant Lustgården is located in the heart of the High Coast and besides the restaurant there is in Själand both coffee shop and greenhouse and in the farm shop you can buy artificially produced juice, jam, jam and much more.

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