Dream start for Brygghuset

The food-section in the High Coast is becoming increasingly interesting, and the number of ambitious and odd taverns is growing.
New resturant to keep your eyes on: Brygghuset Kök & Bar in Härnösand, which only one year after the start took place in the gourmet Bible White Guides list of Sweden’s best restaurants.
– It is very fun and inspiring and it will be a fantastic summer, says the chef and owner Fredrik Persson.

Fredrik and his partner Anna Näslund chose to move home to Ångermanland in May 2018 and has in a short time established Brygghuset at Nattviken in central Härnösand as a restaurant that always delivers on a high level. The restaurant with its generous wooden deck is right on the water and is a great place for food and meetings a nice summer evening.
It is ambitious cooking, but Fredrik himself believes that the idea is really very simple: it should be honest cooking with really good ingredients – and it should be really, really good!
During the autumn, Fredrik Persson also came into focus when he, as team leader for the Stockholm Culinary Team, took home the World Cup title for regional teams at the Cooking World Cup in Luxembourg.
What does it mean to end up on a list with
Sweden’s best restaurants?
– Those who are interested in food planning their trips from the restaurants are a growing crowd and it is of course fun for us to be included in those contexts, and hopefully this will contribute to that part of the tourist industry further raising the High Coast.
What can restaurant guests expect at Brygghuset this summer?
– Lovely, seasonal food with a clear local connection. We have many good, local producers and we are very happy to start from their raw materials in our cooking

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