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The old fishing village in the strait between southern and northern Ulvön is a place in summer where the fine boats line up and the occasional champagne cork flies on the tables. But the genuine is still there and it is easy to enjoy yourself both in Ulvöhamn and on Ulvön. Why not unwind further in Sandviken’s fishing village in the far north, where the old cabins and boathouses can now be rented weekly.
You have to look for a quieter holiday!
But keep in mind that northern Ulvön is quite large – a bicycle is a good means of transport here.
Considering the current pandemic, you have to check directly with the shipping companies if or how the boats are running this summer.

See & do

The harbor
If you enjoy watching boats, this is a wonderful place to stroll during the summer months. Many of the biggest and best things that the people along the southern coast of Norrland have to ride are gathered here. Along Hamngatan are the beautiful and well-maintained wooden houses and boathouses in a row, and the restaurants and outdoor seating are usually full in summer. In principle, all food, accommodation and entertainment options are concentrated on this street.

The chapel
One of the oldest fishing chapels along the entire Norrland coast. It was built in wood in
1626, just over two hundred years before the islands had a permanent population. The chapel is still used for civil weddings, for example.

Ulvö museum
Here you get a picture of what life in Ulvöhamn looked like at the turn of the century 1800/1900. The chapel team runs the relatively newly opened museum, which consists of a cookhouse, boathouse and gist embankment.

Once upon a time, this was the lookout point for the pilots on the island. Today, the cabin on the mountain lives on as a pilot museum. From here you have a magical view of Ulvöhamn and the Ulvöarna, but should it be foggy when you get up, the way up is not wasted – the pilot stairs up have given you a real physical boost!

Hamn on the west side of Norra Ulvön. If you want to go to the island by car, this is where the journey goes. There is no car ferry to Ulvöhamn.

If Ulvöhamn is a bit busy and icy during the summer weeks, Sandviken is the exact opposite. The old fishing village at the top of the north, which was abandoned a hundred years ago, is today a residential complex and a cultural reserve characterized by a great calm.

The new mine
From the end of the 17th century and right up until 1961, ore was periodically mined at various locations on the Ulvöarna, mainly iron ore but also vanadium and titanium. Today, the Nya gruvan on southern Ulvön is a museum that tells about the work in the mine.

Beautiful and extremely barren fishing village far south on Södra Ulvön. There is no resident population here, but many summer guests, a beautiful chapel and a mine that was in operation right into the 1950s. Keep in mind that it’s a walk of three to four kilometers one way if you’re going here from Ulvösundet!


In this old sea shed, sour strömming was produced right up until the 1960s. Now everything from fish to pizza is served to guests in the classic restaurant.

Bistro Ruben
Blooming garden in the middle of the village and a given meeting place in summer. During the day you sit down for a coffee or hearty lunch in one of the unique rooms and in the evening enjoy a fine à la carte dinner in the Bistro. This operation used to be called Ulvöbyn, but has been renamed to honor the memory of the big island profile and surströmming ambassador Ruben Madsen, who died last winter.

Ulvö Lakeside Resort
Café and sale of freshly baked bread.

Netterlund’s country store
Closed in 1937, newly opened as a summer store in the 1990s. Much of the old atmosphere is intact with old decor and old signs. Here you buy caramels in cones, curios and gift items.

Ulvö handelsbod
The handelsboden is right next to MF Ulvön’s quay. Here you can find food, newspapers, sweets, soft drinks, postcards, stamps and more. The store has a smaller selection of pharmacy products. Adjacent to the trade booth there is also a service point with maps, brochures and other material for tourists.

Ulvö Hamnkrog
On the pier is the Hamnkrog! At least the outdoor seating, but you can also sit in the pub or in the Salteriet. This a given meeting place in Ulvöhamn and in the property there is also a small inn with a small number of personally furnished rooms.


Stugbyn in Ulvöhamn
Cottages with kitchen for self-catering and own toilet and shower. Lovely location with a view of the sea and the old wooden houses.

The cottage village by Lake Bysjön
In the cottage village by Lake Bysjön there is an outdoor pool, sauna, wilderness
hut and more. Cottages with kitchen for self-catering and own toilet and shower. Fishing opportunities.

Ulvö hostel
Small hostel in the old school in Sörbyn, about 2 km from Ulvöhamn. Self catering, dining room and family room with TV. Shower and toilet in the corridor.

Stay in a classic gazebo by the sea. The house has 15 beds and access to a gazebo, own sauna and annex.
New for i is: bed & breakfast.

Ulvö Hotell
It is possible to live really classy even in the archipelago and Ulvö Hotell is the proof. The old archipelago hotel has been updated into a modern facility with all amenities and a high-class kitchen.

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