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Nordingrå - The real High Coast

52 villages, 52 lakes and 52 mountains – it is Nordingrå according to the saying. Along with Nora’s neighbor sock, this is, according to many, the very heart of the High Coast.

Nordingrå Celebrities Tobias Enström, Wilhelm Petterson Berger, Therése Söderlind,


Sestola Gård,

Modern and very personal rooms inside the Mannaminnes museum area. The building is a copy of a Finnish manor house and is situated with a fantastic view over Häggvik and Kråknäsfjärden.

Hotell Höga Kusten,

Strategically located at the northern shore of Högakustenbrons, the hotel offers fantastic views, great food and good service. Here you find everything you need simply.

Ullångers hotell,

Simple and good accommodation close to service, shops and boat. Good starting point for excursions to everything from Ulvön to the area around Nordingrå and Nora.

Salsåker herrgård,

Very quiet hotel accommodation in a manor house on a private peninsula in Ullångersfjärden. Nice environment to stroll in on your own and nice starting point for excursions.

Måvikens camping,

Small, fresh and quiet camping a stone’s throw from the water in idyllic Måviken. 1.5 kilometers to service shop, Kulturfabriken and motor museum in Mjällom

Norrfällsvikens Hotell & Konferens
Simple and substantial accommodation close to lots of good places to visit, service and beautiful nature. Also has hostel activities.


Själand, Nordingrå

Own, award-winning delicacies such as juice, jam, marmalade, mulled wine, jelly but also tea, sweets, toys and home furnishings from other manufacturers.

Myllerska hantverket,
Vännersta, Nordingrå

Handicraft shop in old abandoned country store. Here you will find local crafts, organic products and much more exciting.

Mjälloms tunnbröd,

Sweden’s oldest flatbread bakery! Visitor center that presents both history and craftsmanship and also a shop with both bakery products and other delicacies from the High Coast.


The little shop contains a bit of much for both locals and tourists, but here is also a well-stocked shelf with local food crafts. Eat yourself or give away!

Höga Kusten Kafferosteri,

Summer opening in the roastery inside the Mannaminnes museum area. Take the opportunity to buy freshly roasted, Ethiopian coffee as a gold edge on the holiday breakfast or odd, exclusive gift.

Food & drinks

Gårdsbutiken, Själand,

Fantastic restaurant with a café. Bases all cooking on local produce. Is that good then? Yes, it thinks among other things the editors on the taste Bible White Guide – year after year. Highly recommended!


rchipelago buffet at Fiskarfängen (yes, it is spelled so) in the fishing village Norrfällsviken is the real classic. Restaurants also sell fish and various pipes for those who prefer to bring their food to the cottage or caravan.

Björkuddens Hotell & Restaurang,

Here you eat lunch or à la carte dinner in the main hall of the beautiful late 1800s brick building. Bar with wide whiskey range.

See & do

Höga Kusten Operafestival
Incredibly sympathetic opera festival in the middle of World Heritage July 15-21! “Miss Julie” is this year’s big set, but during the week everything from music history at Mannaminne to opera singing at Gårdsbutiken is also offered.



The artist Anders Åberg’s (1945–2018) remarkable open-air museum and art work with over 50 buildings from all over the world. Dining, shop and several small museums are in the area.

Villa Fraxinus,

A strange, flashy oasis just ten minutes from the E4, yet incredibly secluded. Viewing garden with inspiring and stunningly beautiful rooms, and also a really good restaurant.

Casino Cosmopol, Sveriges första kasino öppnade 2001.

Four kilometers of mighty flat diabash hills sloping into the sea. No kiosks, no sales, no activities. Here nothing happens – except that the pulse and blood pressure drop and that the feeling of life rises. Enjoy.

Sälsafari och fågelskådning,
Lappudden, Nordingrå

Lappudden is a brilliant starting point for all kinds of excursions and adventures in the High Coast. Rental of accommodation and gadgets, but from here you can also come out on different experiences under experienced management.

Lappudden hyr ut kajaker
till den som vill testa.


Museum that tells about Mjällom’s history with booming shoe and bread industry among other things. Also café, flea market and exhibitions by local artists and craftsmen.

Storsands havsbad,
Only one kilometer from Norrfällsviken lies Storsands havsbad with its strange, reddish sand. Good bath and easy to find a single spot on the beach.

Världsarvsleden, Nordingrå
Ten mile walk exclusively in Nordingrå parish. The trail – which should not be confused with the more famous Höga Kustenleden – is distributed over 14 stages and gives you a pearl band of beautiful experiences.

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