16 experiences – from mountain cows to whiskey

Make a visit to the white tigers … or any of the other 15 experiences we are referring to in this article – from mountain cows to whiskey. There are many experiences in the High Coast. Whether you like animals and nature, you want to see how life could get under the Cold War or just relax on a whiskey festival at the Ångerman River – or something else.

Tulip Festival, Backsjön

A small part of the Netherlands in the middle of the steamland forests. The Tulip Festival – this year between June 1 and June 17 – is a fantastic explosion of color and form. Take the opportunity to buy with you bulbs home!

Seal safari and bird watching, Lappudden, Nordingrå

Want a real nature experience? Book a seal safari or an excursion among fantastic birds at Lappudden’s outdoor center in Nordingrå. Always with a knowledgeable guide of course. And why not finish the day with a dip in the wilderness bath by the sea?

Outdoor Center – Södra Berget, Sundsvall

Restless and restless children? Throw them out on playgrounds and adventure trails on Södra Berget, just three kilometers from the center of Sundsvall! Here you will find adventures and challenges in the form of Skogslekpark, Björnstigen, Naturstigen and Tarzanstigen.

Prison Island, Strike Club,
Southern city mountain, Sundsvall

An experience center from nine years and upwards where in the Prisoners of Fortet manners is to solve puzzles and collect points in the cells and where cooperation is rewarded. At Strike Club there are also laser halls, bowling alleys, arcade games and much more.

Lantra animals, Norra berget, Sundsvall

At the Norra bergets open air museum you can see how the animals looked at the Swedish farms in the past. Say hello to Åsenfår, lappgetter, Hedemorahöns, Mellerudskanin, Linderödsvin and mountain cows!

Hemsö fortress, Hemsön,

The disused defense facility, buried in Storåberget on Hemsön, is today a well-preserved destination. Here you are thrown back into the cold war under the guidance of talented guides. Powerful experience.

Highcoast bridge

The nearly two-kilometer-long suspension bridge over the Ångermanälven River is one of Scandinavia’s largest bridge projects ever and a powerful experience. Top view of the bridge from the Hotel High Coast. The bridge was opened in December 1997.

Foto: Kramfors Kommun

Box whiskey festival, Marieberg

Cozy and well-attended festival at award-winning Box Whiskey which continues to beat the experts with astonishment. Tests, live music, restaurant tents and a fantastic environment at Ångermanälven.

Foto: Box Destilleri

Nostalgia Days, Härnösand

A whole week of unreserved homage to cars and engines and one of Norrland’s biggest motor events! Lots of events where the contest Krantz Challange and the subsequent cruising it usually draws a huge audience. Vintage Car Rally! Back Contests! Live Music!

Rib boat, Härnö Rib,

There are boats and there are boats. Härnö Rib’s monster is the latter variety, a seven meter long rubber boat with 350 horsepower that fixes 45 knots speed. Several event packages are offered.

Mannaminne, Häggvik, Nordingrå.

The artist Anders Åberg’s open-air museum, cultural center and more never ceases to grow and fascinate. Odd buildings from different countries, museums, art exhibitions and more in the middle of the World Heritage.

Junsele zoo, Junsele

A zoo in the slightly smaller format, but with many fun and exotic animals and amusement parks. Bears, wolves and camels are excused, but the really big wow factors here are the rare white tigers and the sugar sweet lemurs.

Nämforsens rock carvings, Näsåker

On the slopes of the river’s stream, there is a greeting from a distant time: 2600 carved figures and lines, the oldest about 6,000 years old. Take the tour of the rock carving museum, but don’t miss the carvings themselves!


Nipstad fishing, Sollefteå

Few things go up against fighting down a precious fish. In Sollefteå you can fish almost in the middle of town from mid-June. During the high season there is tough competition for fishing licenses so book your card well in advance!

Skallberg cave, Gideå, Örnsköldsvik

Three kilometers north of Örnsköldsvik lies one of the country’s longest and most easily accessible rock caves. The fall scraper is 70 meters long and at most about 24 meters deep. Bring pocket or headlamp and non-tender clothes!

Surströmming, Ulvö Lilla Salteri, Ulvöhamn

A true Norrlandic classic that you just can’t miss. And what would be more suitable than taking it at the surströmming king Ruben Madsen at Ulvön? Open from early July.

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