1 042 meters to the summer

It began to be built during the summer 60 years ago, and was for a long time Sweden’s longest bridge. With a sail-free height of 40 metres, it rises impressively beautifully over Alnösundet. Cross the Alnö Bridge and feel welcomed by a large and lovely summer island lined with bathing spots and an idyllic journey.
It is the country’s 16th largest island, but not bigger than it is suitable to get around the whole island. In the south, the old idyllic fishing village of Spikarna, dating back to the 16th century, offers a Swedish summer idyll. Along the way, you stop in Bänkåsviken, Tranviken or Slädaviken or one of the other bays and take a dip in the refreshing sea.

There is a lot to see, and if you want to watch birds and hike in a nature reserve, park at Stornäset in the northern part of Alnön. Here you will find 150 hectares of nature to hike in. Around 200 bird species have been observed in and around the reserve. Mode to bring binoculars and cross a few in other words.
If you think birds are too mobile, other things can be seen. In the inner parts of the island on its northern side, you don’t have to go far to find geological premises. During a volcanic eruption 560 million years ago, a river of magma was created four kilometers below the earth’s crust and pushed up to the surface. It brought with it exotic rock types that attract geologically interested people from far and wide. It is only here in the whole world that you can find Alnöit.

When you’re still in the northern parts, keep an eye out for Alnö old church. It was built in the 12th century and has amazing wall paintings.

Hungry? Stop by Carlsvikspiren and check out Virriga Bakverk, a nice place in pastel colors! If you come to the island by boat, there are many places to anchor. One of the most popular is Vindhem, a quiet sheltered club harbor on Alnön’s southwestern tip. Here there is a lovely summer restaurant and service buildings for the boat people.

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