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Let the body work on well-groomed ski tracks, or take a ride on the snowshoes in a sparkling winter-covered forest. Or just enjoy spa treatments and good foodin a quiet and harmonious environment. The High Coast is a bit calmer, a little less activity-packed during autumn and winter – but just as beautiful. Hike in […]

Tour de High Coast

Tour de High Coast The golf courses in the High Coast attract golfers from all over the country. Timrå GK’s course is well known and has been ranked as one of Sweden’s golfing goals. The favorite hole is number 13 in the picture with Klingerfjärden in the background and three birches in a row. But […]

Lovely places to stay

Great hotels in all honor, but sometimes you want to stay a little easier or just different. The High Coast has many nice campsites and odd places to take in. Here are some suggestions. Skuleberget’s sea camping, Veåsand Newly built, smaller camping for caravans and motorhomes in fantastic environment. There is also a good guest […]

Among buns and bread

Good “fika” (coffe and bread) is good, and good “fika” is also plenty in the High Coast during the summer months. Treat yourself to a detour to classic pastry shops or full-open small pearls. FÄRJAS BRYGGA Unnviksvägen 6, Söråker (TIMRÅ) Sit down on the veranda right next to Tynderösundet and enjoy coffee or a snack […]

Sweden’s largest car museum

Sweden’s largest car museum Welcome to High Coast Motorland! Summer is full of vehicle meetings and motor competitions. Here you find everything from veteran mopeds to explosive dragsters. From the small evening event to the giant event Nostalgidagarna in Härnösand. Also no less than three car museums, including Sweden’s largest with over 200 cars! SWEDEN’S […]

The High coast’s exciting museums

The High coast’s exciting museums (and shiny glossy dream boats) Some time over for cultural activities and experiences? Then you’ve come right. Dream away from gleaming mahogany recreational boats or marvel at 750 bells in a barn. There is much to see in the High Coast museums and art galleries. Svartviks industriminnen Svartviksvägen 22, Kvissleby […]

The height of happiness

10 High Coast Views You Must See Discover the High Coast’s magical mountain overlooking forest, green valleys and sea. Here are the mountains you should get up on – on foot or even by car. To the top! WHY THE HIGH COAST IS THE HIGHEST IN SWEDEN During the last ice age the ice was […]

Nice business

For many, holidays and shopping go hand in hand. And not just rainy days. Here in The High Coast you get a shopping experience among specialty shops, factory sales and not least in Norrland’s most popular shopping paradise in Birsta. Naturkompaniet Outlet The fact that shopping and holidays belong together has strong evidence in Naturkompaniet […]

Make a visit to the white tigers

… And other experiences – from mountain cows to cannons There are many experiences available in the High Coast, whether you like animals or nature, want to see how life could get itself under the Cold War or just want to enjoy the tulips’ color splendor – or something else. Tulip Festival, Backsjön A small […]

Here is your great adventure

Tickle your senses with fast-paced sports and wonderful nature experiences. Suggestion: climb, paddle, cycle, hike and surf and make the High Coast summer your most adventurous to date. SURFING GREAT WAVES OR STILL WATER When it blows over the sea, the waves are built up to heights that attract surfers from near and far to […]

Garden Picnic

Are you looking for rest and reflection or perhaps a place for inspiration? The garden can fill so many different functions for us. Take the opportunity to look into some gardens this summer and bring home new ideas and feelings. Green is good! Merlo slott/Villa Merlo Timrå The property is owned by SCA (swedish cellulose […]

Traveling among delicacies

Taste, smell and experience! There are many flavors and scents to discover in the High Coast. From crusts that taste blueberries or sour cream to home-roasted coffee and goat’s cheese from the small farm dairy. There are flavors and a quality that you rarely find in other places. Best in Sweden on flatbread Ingrid Ölund […]

Dream start for Brygghuset

The food-section in the High Coast is becoming increasingly interesting, and the number of ambitious and odd taverns is growing.New resturant to keep your eyes on: Brygghuset Kök & Bar in Härnösand, which only one year after the start took place in the gourmet Bible White Guides list of Sweden’s best restaurants.– It is very […]

The Gourmet Coast

Sometimes it is the food that is the goal of the trip and sometimes it is the environment, the view and the nature that makes the dining experience unforgettable. Here is a selection of good restaurants and nice places to get to for a bite to eat. 1. En Liten Krog, Trädgårdsgatan 5, SundsvallIncluded in […]

The High Coast’s Good Drinks

Taste the High Coast! Here, the flavors are as rich and varied as the landscape and there are lots of unique products to choose from. Why not black currant juice rewarded with silver in food crafts last year, an American (!) Pale Ale and well-seasoned schnapps from Sundsvall. Or why not try the world’s best […]

High time for sports

You want to do sports during the holidays?Or do you prefer to look at when others who are better at doing the job? There are good opportunities for both! The summer in the High Coast is full of sporting events of various. Just pick and choose! June 4 Sollefteåruset. Easy exercise race with joint heating, […]

City guide – Nordingrå

Nordingrå – The real High Coast 52 villages, 52 lakes and 52 mountains – it is Nordingrå according to the saying. Along with Nora’s neighbor sock, this is, according to many, the very heart of the High Coast. Nordingrå Celebrities Tobias Enström, Wilhelm Petterson Berger, Therése Söderlind, Accommodation Sestola Gård, Häggvik Modern and very personal […]

City guide – Ånge

Ånge – Middle of Sweden You leave the coast but the mountains are high when you follow Ljungandalgangen up towards Ånge. This is Sweden’s real center. Ånge celebrities Elias Pettersson, Lars Lagerbäck, Samuel Påhlsson, Takida, Johanna Ojala,. Accommodation Hotell Mittlandia, Torggatan 8If you want to feel the pulse of Ånge, Mittlandia is the place to […]

City guide – Sollefteå

Sollefteå – By the river Hiking, swimming, fishing are close at hand in the town at Ångermanälven. Don’t Miss Nip-yran (see festivals)! “Ångermanälven”-river that crosses the town gives it a special touch. Sollefteå Celebrities Stefan Löfven, Ingrid Thulin, Kerstin Thorvall, Per Svartvadet, Ebba Andersson, Helena Ekholm, Mulle Accommodation Hotell Hallstaberget,HallstabergetFresh hotel with a magical view […]

City guide – Örnsköldsvik

Örnsköldsvik – Walking oasis Dynamic Örnsköldsvik has a compact and beautiful city center with exciting shopping and casual cafes and eateries. The inner harbor just a hundred meters from Stora Torget is a waling oasis. Örnsköldsvik’s celebrities Peter Forsberg, Markus Näslund, Sofia Jakobsson, Thomas Haake, Niklas Sundström, Daniel & Henrik Sedin, Frida Östberg Accommodation Elite Plaza […]

City guide – Kramfors

Kramfors – Close to everything The industrial resort is Höga Kusten’s closest city in the sense that it is close to everything. Park your car on the town and you can walk to all shops. You even have the sports facility Kramfors IP just a few steps away from the center. KRAMFORS CELEBRITIES Sandra Näslund, […]

City guide – Timrå

Timrå – Country houses and flea market Timrå is the municipality of contrasts. A place that is strongly characterized by large industries, but here is also the great calm and the beautiful nature. TIMRÅ CELEBRITIES Mats Näslund, Lill-Strimma Svedberg, Lennart Jähkel, Marcus Ottosson, Magdalena Forsberg Accommodation Wifstavarfs Herrgård, Vivstavarvsvägen 16Few but nice rooms in lovely […]

City guide – Härnösand

Härnösand – Surrounded by the sea Here the water is always close! In quiet Härnösand you can easily walk by the water or lay out the picnic blanket in one of the nice parks – if you do not prefer the beach life at Smitingens havsbad. HÄRNÖSAND CELEBRITIES Lena Endre, Emelie Forsberg, Anette Norberg, Beril Malmberg, […]

City guide – Sundsvall

Sundsvall – The dragon city The city between the city mountains has something for everyone. The beautiful city center Stenstan offers shopping and many fine dining options. Within walking distance there are both water parks and museums and casinos. SUNDSVALL CELEBRITIES Emil Forsberg, Lars Ahlin, Kjell Lönnå, Skvadern, Gina Dirawi, Sigrid Hjertén, Fredrik Wikingsson, Yohio (Kevin […]

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